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Next year is here

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aces4paul   United States. Mar 16 2011 13:17. Posts 2
Cubs fans have been waiting 102 years for this year. All the pieces of the puzzle are in place and I think this is the year they go all the way. Please no haters reply. lol

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NighTLesS15   United States. Mar 16 2011 13:28. Posts 241

won't hate on your clubs.

But baseball Sucks the laziest sport ever invented.

Run 90 feet "oh fuck i'm tired i need a 5 minute break"

Shit i gotta do that again!? Fuck this where is the dugout i need a fifteen minute break before i hit the field again that was rough!

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aces4paul   United States. Mar 16 2011 13:31. Posts 2

yeah I guess you have to grow up with the sport to like it, probably the only sport that people either love or hate no casual fans


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