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Two Night2o1 graphs!

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SpasticInk   Sweden. Jan 31 2011 15:27. Posts 6292
I look at Night2o1's blog and I see a pattern here, the big difference mine is one level below!

NL50 graph:

January started out great, but ended pretty bad. It was pretty much my shots at NL100 that went straight to hell.

Pretty clear that I haven't developed as a player the last year, while competition has become tougher. But still... ran pretty good at nl50 - couple of buyins above EV while running 10 buyins below EV on NL100, and that of course makes a bit of difference. But I would be lying to myself if I said that's the reason. It's pretty clear I have several leaks that needs to be fixed. Thinking about getting a Bluefirepoker membership or something.

Yeye, end rant. Still playing at FTP, and I payed fucking 3,4k in rake, while only getting 814 in RB (300 was a bonus too...) Makes me wonder why I abandoned my rakeback deal at iPoker. Oh well - got Iron Man thing, and got 50k points (and within the next two weeks I should have my Black Card!!)

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terrybunny19240   United States. Jan 31 2011 15:33. Posts 13829

lol its rough but at least we have a nice winning graph to look at

I paid the same rake for the month as you o_O

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SpasticInk   Sweden. Jan 31 2011 15:43. Posts 6292

Pretty gross how much rake it is if you count it as buyins.

I have a question though, what do you do with medals and points and stuff. I just recently learned how the Iron Man Challenge system worked w/ bonus medals and the slight increase monthly wise, but I still haven't figured what's the best to do with them.

terrybunny19240   United States. Jan 31 2011 15:47. Posts 13829

if you save all your metals and spend them on cash bonuses its like 3% more rakeback or something.

if you want to play in the freerolls just do that.. you could variance yourself to a reasonable cash. I usually just get medals cuz I never pay attention to when the freerolsl happen and I'm not interested in playing the tournies

SpasticInk   Sweden. Jan 31 2011 19:07. Posts 6292

Ok - but I saw somewhere that It's better to buy points for your medals and use that points for cash bonus, instead of turning medals directly into cash bonus.

And also - you should PM me how to win like that on NL100 =P


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