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Sunday Beginnings

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Advant1   Canada. Jan 30 2011 19:58. Posts 20
Being somewhat aware of the Poker universe, I've always had a knack for poker yet. . never really initiated myself to learn more than what I currently know about it.
Well actually to be honest I was more occupied with BW and gaming and whatnot so that took up most of my time rather then using that time to learn more about poker.
So now, bored of gaming in general (yes even though SC2 is out, I have no interest whatsoever. I enjoy spectating rather then actually playing it now. My interests and views have shifted dramatically over the past year.

So now I've decided to finally stop wasting my time with useless activities and poker up my life a little. Yes I am aware you can lose more then you win but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Tonight on this lovely Sunday evening marks my beginnings in Poker. Currently I'm just playing [Play Money] tables while reading up on basic strategies and hands, news within the PS world and other related websites.

Since most members on this forum are from TL (as am I) I'm hoping people around here can jumpstart me and help me out with tips and tricks I should keep in mind/learn?

Would be most appreciated!
I'm going to keep updating a week by week blog from now.

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Beginner in training! Tips and advice greatly appreciatedLast edit: 30/01/2011 20:00

DrDerive   Austria. Jan 30 2011 20:40. Posts 7

i recommend starting by reading some books.

Harrington on NLHE 1 & 2 covers some tournament basics and concepts.
also, sklansky's NLHE: Theory and Practice opened my mind for a deeper thought into poker.
if you are into cash games i can also highly recommend harringtons new book Harrington on 6max cash games.

these books all helped me out a lot, but i'm still a beginner so you might want to wait for some experienced players to give you some recommendations/advice.


 Last edit: 30/01/2011 20:41

sc1pio   United States. Jan 30 2011 21:28. Posts 117

99% of poker knowledge is experience. You can read books, but it takes a long time and a lot of understanding to be able to win consistently. Good luck.

Advant1   Canada. Jan 30 2011 23:28. Posts 20

Thanks for the heads up

Beginner in training! Tips and advice greatly appreciated 

schmar   Norway. Jan 31 2011 03:56. Posts 29

this thread on 2p2 has links to a ton of other useful threads that help you beat the micros.

don't spend too much time at the playmoney tables. You won't learn much useful there since the opposition is just fucking around doing random crap. You're much better off just playing NL2 where your money will last you a long time and people are at least taking it somewhat seriously. I guess playmoney is good to get a basic feel for the game though.

Chewits   United Kingdom. Jan 31 2011 06:42. Posts 2539

  On January 30 2011 20:28 sc1pio wrote:
99% of poker knowledge is experience. You can read books, but it takes a long time and a lot of understanding to be able to win consistently. Good luck.

I completely and utterly disagree. Sorry.

I am a degen. Do not believe in any of my advice. 

GoTuNk   Chile. Jan 31 2011 08:41. Posts 2860

Consider beating nl2/nl5/nl10 like going from D to D+ in iccup. Very easy indeed, but ridicously hard at the begining. Patience and hard work will get u there eventually.


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