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Headsup at micros

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Fudyann   Netherlands. Dec 28 2010 19:16. Posts 704
I've looked at my stats for headsup at $0.01/$0.02 and my winrate seems to -60 bb / 100.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to play abc poker headsup?

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killThemDonks   Canada. Dec 28 2010 19:20. Posts 2681

maryn   Poland. Dec 28 2010 19:37. Posts 1208

dont play them, rake will eat you
better try HU sng

Fudyann   Netherlands. Dec 28 2010 19:43. Posts 704

  On December 28 2010 18:37 maryn wrote:
dont play them, rake will eat you
better try HU sng

Rake eats headsup harder than it eats 6m?

Sanity   United States. Dec 28 2010 19:57. Posts 1076

  On December 28 2010 18:43 Fudyann wrote:
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Rake eats headsup harder than it eats 6m?
by far, its not even close

mnj   United States. Dec 28 2010 20:44. Posts 3848

don't play hu, play fr and learn to be nitty.

micro stakes is all about waiting for hands and waiting to out cooler your opponent. don't waste a single thought or second trying some higher level bluff. Do however be creative in finding new ways to vbet

JSquids   United States. Dec 28 2010 21:30. Posts 1142

none of the advice here is any good except for the rake comments... yes the rake will eat u if you are playing hu at an empty 5nl table, how often are u really playing HU at a 5nl table??? dont learn to "play nitty and wait for hands" thats how u will fall into a HORRIBLE habbit of playing your CARDS and not your OPPONENT.

think of it this way, if your playing a game of basketball and your oppenent is lefty, if you do not play him to his left side you are stupid and your strategy is a losing one. learn to addapt now, learn to accomidate, learn to adjust. fuck cookie cutting and playing a set style


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Venrae   United States. Dec 28 2010 21:36. Posts 1545

You have to have something to mold squids. You gotta play tight and shit at micros so you understand value betting, board textures, betting lines, etc so you can mold that info later to adjust to opponents that actually use some part of their brain. Playing like a robot IS a winning strategy at micros and it builds a foundation that you can use later to improve.

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NewbSaibot   United States. Dec 28 2010 23:48. Posts 4940

I have some starter vids for MSNL HU, last I recall just play 56s+, Ax+, K7s+ and value bet pairs, preferably top pair.

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killThemDonks   Canada. Dec 29 2010 02:02. Posts 2681

sorry..thought you were leveling..or are you??

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Dec 29 2010 05:03. Posts 15143

Like ABC Poker in ring games, only wider PF Raising ranges

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rednalluk   Sweden. Dec 29 2010 07:48. Posts 626

You probably already knew this, but asking "how to play ABC HU" is an even worse question than "how to play ABC FR". You just cannot get a good answer. Just keep thinking about poker when playing and ask yourself what he can have. Its better to start playing FR because the ranges will be narrower and easier to define --> less secondguessing --> fewer mistakes.

Watch a vid on some site, will probably help.


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