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Big_Rob_48   United States. Nov 30 2010 01:48. Posts 3432
Hey, I want to play some small money tournaments every once in a while but I live in the state of Washington, are there any sites that I can play on?

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My AIM sn if you want to chat: YoRobbyMiller 

iop   Sweden. Nov 30 2010 03:23. Posts 4945

have you tried using a VPN?

Milkman lol i didnt spend half a thousand on a phone so i could play it cool and be all stealth 

Zep   United States. Nov 30 2010 05:25. Posts 2292

have you tried escaping?

NeillyJQ: I really wanted to prove to myself I could beat NL200, I did over a small sample, and believe Ill be crushing there in the future. 


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