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Need $100 in PS, have FTP

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n1ck   Bulgaria. Nov 20 2010 09:03. Posts 308
Hey guys,

I need $100 in Pokerstars, can send in Full Tilt. I will send first to known posters. I am in kind of a hurry. Thanks a lot.

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SpeedyJack   United States. Nov 20 2010 11:30. Posts 618

Hey, I would be happy to do this.

I did just send $50 to Carthac about 12 hours ago and I don't know the exact PS policy. It says $215/day so it should be okay but I'm not sure if I only get one transfer?

If you want to transfer I'll send you my info, but I guess there is a chance I won't be able to reciprocate for 12 hours.


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