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supernova watch: 20k VPP mark

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vltava   United States. Aug 21 2010 15:07. Posts 1742
I got in three more sessions yesterday afternoon which brought my Stars BR to $2100. Hunger began to gnaw, and to reward myself for my progress I went out to Afloat Sushi, awesome restaurant in "old town" Pasadena, where I live. It's a sushi bar with boats floating around the bar, and the boats hold premade selections which you can just pick off. Pro tip: Don't go at 5 PM on Friday unless you want to have to ask for everything you want, since it is not busy yet and there are not a lot of options on the boats. I did ask for a sake (salmon) sashimi and it was ridiculously good.

After dinner I had 141 points left to go to the 20k VPP mark for the year and the free $50, so I hit the $100 PLO tables. Maybe I need to just stick to the basics and nutpeddle. I made ~$100, but would have been up another couple buy-ins if I had adhered to my mantra. I cashed in the $50 reward, and Carol arrived home around 9. She had important business to attend to - defeating the final boss in Final Fantasy 13 - so I played a couple $2/$4 8-game tables sitting next to her on the couch. Surprisingly (to me - I don't play the game), she encountered much less difficulty with Orphan than she had in several previous battles. I scooped a few nice pots and profited another $100, bringing me to +$700 on the day and increasing my BR by > 40% to $2350.

Afterwards she played some .02/.04 limit online, which is funny to me because she could probably beat .50/$1, but she is too nervous to play that "high" yet. I just watch and comment afterwards, so she's not being coached by me during hands, it's her own play. She flopped a full house in a multiway pot on one of the final hands, but she bet the flop and everyone folded. No big pots yet.

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tooker: there is very little money in stts.  

taco   Iceland. Aug 21 2010 15:22. Posts 1793

You live where Sheldon Cooper lives.

Congratulations sir.

vltava   United States. Aug 21 2010 15:26. Posts 1742


tooker: there is very little money in stts.  

Spicy   United States. Aug 21 2010 17:57. Posts 1027

lots of good restaurants in old town pasadena

whamm!   Albania. Aug 21 2010 19:26. Posts 11625

i think i went to that sushi place when i was there.


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