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Platinum for August and an all-nighter

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vltava   United States. Aug 17 2010 14:57. Posts 1742
So, ~1000 points away from Platinum yesterday morning, I hit the $15+1 SNG's hard, getting in eight sets of twenty-four between 10 AM and 9 PM, posting a loss of $61. I had about 45 points to go as I finished my last session and Carol walked in the door, and I wanted to catch the first episode of the new season of Weeds at 10:00, so I set down the laptop in front of the TV, fired up a dozen or so PLO tables, and hit Platinum as the show was starting. Woot! After the show we watched a little WSOP, but my would-be short little PLO session had some unintended consequences, and while Carol turned in for the night, my session blossomed into a compulsion to continue playing until I couldn't keep my eyes open. I ended up packing it in at 5 AM, up one buy-in, which was nice, since I had been down most of the night, reaching a low point of minus six buy-ins. Some good learning experiences. I mostly played better than I had in my previous session, although apparently I needed an object lesson that there's no good reason for flip for stacks with junk aces when you're three buy-ins deep - who knew?

In addition to my various other adventures, I'm hitting the 11:15 AM 3R every weekday on Stars. First is always over 10k; go go Rail Heaven someday soon!

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tooker: there is very little money in stts.  

Zalfor   United States. Aug 17 2010 16:00. Posts 2235

is playing that much healthy?

GoTuNk   Chile. Aug 17 2010 18:07. Posts 2799

  On August 17 2010 15:00 Zalfor wrote:
is playing that much healthy?


AznFisherman   United States. Aug 17 2010 23:06. Posts 956

how many vpp do you have in total now?

vltava   United States. Aug 17 2010 23:08. Posts 1742

17.7k. 9k so far this month.

tooker: there is very little money in stts.  


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