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Gold for August

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vltava   United States. Aug 09 2010 23:13. Posts 1742
Getting a bit more disciplined; I had the first two sets of twenty-four $15+1 turbo STT's in by noon. I tend to have trouble motivating myself to get going. I used making Gold Star as my motivation, needed to earn 707 VPP to get there today. Two more sets after lunch; in all four of these I lost a bit, and was down ~$180 with 96 games played. In the fifth set, I rebounded and made ~$220, and one last set of twenty-four netted me $50 more, bringing my Stars BR to $1319 as I reached Gold for August. Some of the losing sessions were loaded with regs, but I think I also took more than my share of bad beats in those, so I think I don't yet have an indicator that I need to table select. One or two really bad players at the table more than makes up for three or four grinders. Also, I think quite a few of the grinders at this level have some serious leaks.

Playing notes: I am thinking I need to tighten my shoving ranges with M=4 in certain (non-bubble) situations. Also, occasionally fold on the bubble where a shove with ATC is normally indicated, particularly in the SB versus a reg. Sometimes doing this with the bottom of my range. I think that, for some of them, if they see me fold at times there, then they do not call as wide when I do push.

I think I've improved my bubble play as second stack, in particular being more alert to situations where there is little upside to open shoving.

Bubble situations where one stack is very large and the hero has the second largest stack can be odd and require delicate handling. Play is primarily determined by how loose the chip leader is. There are times when I bubble these, and think, if only I had been looser/tighter/more aggressive/more passive/trappier/more straightforward, I could have cashed, but I try to just evaluate objectively and only adjust my strategy if I can detect a real recurring pattern.

Gotta make a long drive to run an essential errand. Haven't learned "Teleport: Anaheim" yet. Fuck the 5 freeway. Fuck it with something sharp. I think I'll take a detour and avoid it.

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tooker: there is very little money in stts. Last edit: 09/08/2010 23:15

PanoRaMa   United States. Aug 09 2010 23:29. Posts 1655

the 5 does blow 


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