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I'm confused

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anx   . Jul 09 2010 03:23. Posts 106
Don't really have much to say .. I like playing poker and i want to play , but could use some help.

Nl25 graph:

Nl50 graph:



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Eluflop   Estonia. Jul 09 2010 04:30. Posts 3835

Looks like a sick downswing man :/

Perisie   . Jul 09 2010 11:23. Posts 801

your red line (nonshowdown winnings) is like -900 which is insanely low. its supposed to (...) represent you taking down small pots by making intelligent/intuitive bets, and obv its supposed to be positive. full ring players dont mind if its negative because they spam tables and just play for premium big wins , but in 6max its very important. your flop bet and turn bet frequency is lower than mine (5000 sample) so maybe thats something to consider. play in position, try raising flop raises (people sooo often fold or fold to a flop bet), calling flops and betting turns rather than insta giving up.

Perisie   . Jul 09 2010 11:25. Posts 801

the best advice i can give , which i found out yesterday:

put on a date filter, order your hands by win/loss (so it shows all your biggest losses at the top). you can then double click all the big losses and see exactly what happened in the hand. do this after every session and the reason why you're losing should become less of a mystery!

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Perisie   . Jul 09 2010 11:29. Posts 801

i ordered my hands and saw that

my AK was losing by a large amount (put it down to variance)
my 99 cost me 2.5 buyins in bad luck
my 66 cost me a buyin due to bad luck
my T7 and A5 cost me a buyin due to bad play

instantly i accounted for $45 or whatever and could say "if i didnt play those 2 dumb hands, and if my AK/99/66 luck was more even, then i would actually be up rather than down fucking 5 buyins".

i know its a lot harder to do when you have 30k hands but maybe you could do it from now on

mnj   United States. Jul 09 2010 12:55. Posts 3848


Perisie   . Jul 09 2010 13:45. Posts 801

use the forks

JSquids   United States. Jul 09 2010 16:33. Posts 1142

  On July 09 2010 12:45 Perisie wrote:
use the forks

ur a fucking idiot.

AKA StarsNStripes@azeroth 


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