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Biloxi, MS area LP'ers???

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AdamTheFox   United States. Jun 23 2010 01:27. Posts 49
Just wondering if there are any LP members down in the Biloxi area. My wife and I are moving down here for a year or two and I was just wanting to see if there are any members live down this way. Also wondering where are the best places to play live and @ what times in Biloxi. Played at the IP a few nights ago and it seemed mega soft from 10 pm until about 2-3 am. Thanks, GL ALL!

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Saturnize   United States. Jun 23 2010 02:21. Posts 262

biloxi whoa, how come?

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collegesucks   United States. Jun 23 2010 03:53. Posts 5780

the beau rivage is a top notch casino. treats poker players pretty well and the poker room is really nice. the games are pretty good, especially the 2-5-10 game with stacks around 3k each. the only thing that sucks is the $12/hr rake but that's manageable imo.


ChrisKim47   United States. Mar 25 2011 06:27. Posts 173

I agree, beau rivage is the way to go. the rake hurts but it really doesn't matter since all the players there just check fold to your cbets. Printing money imo.


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