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Exhilarate post

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auffenpuffer   Finland. Jun 14 2010 21:14. Posts 1429
So the point of this post is just to cry about a massive and ridiculous losing day.


pretty much spewed 2 buyins (the QJ hand there being one) tho and made some somewhat borderline plays.

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Zalfor   United States. Jun 14 2010 21:32. Posts 2236

losing 15 BI at nl50 is not good. =(

Dogan0s   United States. Jun 14 2010 21:40. Posts 902

i lost 4
dunno wtf lately 80/20 and 70/30 hands are eager to lose more than a coinflip used to be.
i cashout my whole roll just to keep myself out and take a few weeks -mby more- break....

SirBlotto   Germany. Jun 14 2010 22:18. Posts 1270

never won a pot over 40bb today on nl50, i will turn around

Exhilarate   United States. Jun 15 2010 00:16. Posts 5453

tbh you didnt even run that bad and the session wasn't even that long.

mnj   United States. Jun 15 2010 00:33. Posts 3848

you're an idiot

maxousek   Czech Republic. Jun 15 2010 03:21. Posts 464

well lets see you humour about exhilarate, when you will be running 1,5M hands under ev and losing bunch of money

DarkDevildog   United States. Jun 15 2010 09:26. Posts 1764

I agree with exhil and mnj on this.

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