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fish on ftp?

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Big_Rob_48   United States. May 02 2010 15:57. Posts 3432
I dont play poker seriously at all anymore and am just looking to make about $1500 extra a month. I have been playing stars but have noticed that even at 50 nl there are NO fish. I am talking like avg player to the flop % of 17% at 50 nl 6 max and a fish to reg ratio of like 11:1.

So question, I look at all the ftp 50 nl games and notice a player to the flop % averaging over 30% ..... are the games really that different comparing stars to ftp at 50 nl?

And fuck stars for the 20-50bb tables, as a now casual player I could never play there again just because of that.

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[vital]Myth    United States. May 02 2010 16:04. Posts 12159

the regs at 50nl on ftp are EXTREMELY fishy, like unbelievably so. you can definitely play a controlled/gameflow-intensive hyper-lag style that absolutely demolishes them in every way and easily make 1500+ per month if you are putting in any kind of volume.

i have no clue about the difference between legitimately casual/1-tabling players on ftp and stars but i can assure you there are a LOT of BBs waiting to be profited at 50nl on ftp

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Trey   United States. May 02 2010 16:16. Posts 5616

Play rush 50nl, sooo many fish. Not sure about there not being fish at Stars 50nl, I haven't played it in a bit but have a few students that do and they crush it. 200 is super soft too

MayZerG   United Kingdom. May 02 2010 16:50. Posts 2123

FTP is alot harder than PS imo

plus its RIGGED

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Bigbobm   United States. May 02 2010 17:17. Posts 5511

if i had to guess id say the average skill level on both sites is pretty similar, and id assume the fish to reg ratio isn't much different.

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night_front   United States. May 02 2010 17:48. Posts 294

  On May 02 2010 15:50 MayZerG wrote:
FTP is alot harder than PS imo

plus its RIGGED

Ya FTP is rigged, def just stick with stars

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. May 02 2010 19:00. Posts 9634

hmm i've heard most regs complaining about the 50-100nl games at FTP being full of regs only but that was some months ago

CruiseR   Poland. May 02 2010 19:14. Posts 682

no money at 50nl , everyone's solid

ShadowDrgn   United States. May 02 2010 21:06. Posts 1156

Stars 50nl euro tables are really fishy.

D_smart_S   Bulgaria. May 02 2010 21:06. Posts 688

haha it's all about metagame after NL10 they say; few can survive this shark infested poker world

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Mariuslol   Norway. May 02 2010 22:58. Posts 4742

I wna b a shurk

TheHuHu3   United States. May 02 2010 23:57. Posts 5544

I'm not going to lie, 50NL was my hardest hurdle at FTP... There's so many more fish at NL100/NL200 as there are TONS of the type of fish who deposit $200-$500 and just play one to two tables... Sometimes you get a couple at each.

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