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Graph of "NL50 + take a shot at NL100"

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Annasky   China. Jan 21 2010 04:29. Posts 22
missing lots of hands, these are only the hands i played in the office,still pretty good~ i also took a shot at NL100 today, it was fun=) regs are more aggro, and a lot more pro short starckers, kinda annoying..

*hope eveything will be fine~ gonna keep grinding!~ !!POWER UP!!!

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longple    Sweden. Jan 21 2010 04:39. Posts 4472

looks good, gl w 100nl

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LikeASet   United States. Jan 21 2010 05:02. Posts 2113

sexy graph

Thall   Switzerland. Jan 21 2010 05:12. Posts 355

looks pretty nice :D gl with NL100 and keep it up

sooon2b   United States. Jan 21 2010 05:47. Posts 774

very nice 

4Kingell   United Kingdom. Jan 21 2010 05:51. Posts 1453

Very nice - gl at 100

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. Sun Tzu  

FallinInLove   Slovakia. Jan 21 2010 06:19. Posts 486

very nice red line mine is down

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PanoRaMa   United States. Jan 21 2010 08:13. Posts 1655

gj anna glgl 


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