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Still trucking at 25k hands.

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BiNK   United States. Jan 14 2010 01:55. Posts 302
So have logged an astounding 25k hands at nl2 and have about ~152 dollar profit which puts me just over 75% of the way to my 100 buy in challenge to myself. I think i have displayed enough discipline to myself to move up but I think I need to win the last 25 bi's cause i'm so close to the end. Also, once I have won the 100 bis i'll have a $223 bankroll which is about 45 buyins to play nl5. I think i'm going to try to win 50 buy ins at this limit now so i can have $473 when I start play NL5 deepstack on stars. True NL10's rake is ridiculous and I think i'll make about the same money playing deepstacked NL5 (.02/.05). Gonna grind a whole lot the next couple of days since i'm going back to school like 5 days early so hopefully my monday I can start with the NL5 games. That is all.

Good luck to all,


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hiems   United States. Jan 14 2010 01:57. Posts 1758

Good shit.

Make liquidpoker great again. 


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