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The Downswing Continues

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lazymej   Canada. Dec 22 2009 04:54. Posts 2897
well I just had a -9 bi session at 50nl (lol what a joke?) which is absolutely beyond retarded (even more retarded than the players at this limit).

Running 12 bi under EV this month and that doesn't take into account all the countless suckouts and coolers which never seem to stop. I'm actually negative for the month now (after a semi-good start to the month) and I'm debating on just stopping for the month (or just forever) because I'm pretty fed up. So that means this might actually be my first losing month ever.

When you read about variance and stuff they always write about how you'll have periods where you can't believe how bad you're running and you didn't think it would be possible to run like such shit etc etc. Well that period is now for me.


P.S. lemon if you come in here and start telling me about the nature of the game and variance I think I will shoot myself (so please don't)

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OpWestAcct   United States. Dec 22 2009 05:02. Posts 640

Haha man 36 hours ago I was in your same situation wondering how could this actually happen to me. But 36 hours later things have changed and thanks to a massive heater I have retrieved 21 of my 26 buy in downswing.

Fuck me 

Zep   United States. Dec 22 2009 05:46. Posts 2292

hang in there man, we all understand that feeling your sensing, but shit will improve.

NeillyJQ: I really wanted to prove to myself I could beat NL200, I did over a small sample, and believe Ill be crushing there in the future. 

Mariuslol   Norway. Dec 22 2009 05:48. Posts 4742

Man the fuck up, That there is nothing. Crybaby!!

 Last edit: 22/12/2009 05:50

Mariuslol   Norway. Dec 22 2009 05:50. Posts 4742

Weee, I don't really never say stuff like that. But I just read this, give it a read Lazymej =]

Mariuslol   Norway. Dec 22 2009 06:24. Posts 4742

Tbh, all the times I read about people writing about their amazing downswing, they all seem puny and small compared to my irl mate Dokosoko/Tiltyboy. I don't know how many time's he's lost 50bi in a day and stuff like that, just smash another pc, sit down at a new one, and grinds it up again.


sry for small digression, but relevant xD

CruiseR   Poland. Dec 22 2009 13:03. Posts 682

about 10 days ago i had -22bi sess at nl50 t.t

iverson2k2k   Canada. Dec 22 2009 13:21. Posts 475

hang in there man...i'm kinda in teh same situation...Take a little break and get back to it when ur feeling confident. The worst thing u could do is sit down at a table and not be confident...

You see...whenever I start feeling sick...I just stop being sick...and be awesome instead...true story... 

KeanuReaver   United States. Dec 22 2009 13:27. Posts 2022

-12 bi's under expectation?
you don't know what it is to have a truly bad downswing

and the endurance required for MMA, which has actions like punching and kicking bone and muscle with 1000-2500 PSI. - Taco 

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Dec 22 2009 13:29. Posts 15143

93% Sure!  

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Dec 22 2009 13:34. Posts 15143

I recommend...a reboot.
Instead of hitting the reset button....hit... a bottle of vodka.
Not too much though, dying is -ev imo, just enough to reset your short term memory, vomit, clean yourself after a day of hangover pain and start afresh.

There is too much bad 'stuff' in your mind and you need to clear it up.

If you are not a Russian than a week off, some addictive RPG, or Star Wars or Star Trek movie marathon or competitive sport or a trip to Tijuana should do the trick.

Clear your mind, and come as a new player!

As you said, downswings are really a state of mind (Sorry for the last sentence, couldn't resist :o)

93% Sure! Last edit: 22/12/2009 13:37

thumbz555   United States. Dec 22 2009 14:33. Posts 3281

Go work out for like 2-3 hours including a lift and some machine-soaking cardio, have a good meal, a long shower, bone your gf (if yo u have one), if not search your phone for a potential booty call, start anew when the tables are juiciest.

I click buttons. 

lazymej   Canada. Dec 22 2009 14:39. Posts 2897

Lol I was expecting all these comments about how everyone has had a worse downswing and how I'm whining etc etc. I know I'm whining and I know no one gives a shit but this is my blog and I felt like writing about it so you don't read it.

Yeah a lot of you have probably had worse downswings, bravo you're macho and so much better than me for it. Except I really don't care to compare myself to you. Also there's more to a downswing than just all in ev, which is bs a lot of the time anyway.

I normally I never ever used to tilt and would take any beats and suckouts in my stride and move on but the last 2 months have just been ridiculous and it's starting to get to me so forgive me for being human.

To the rest of you, thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I'm ready to get back to the tables now and try grind through it once more.

lazymej   Canada. Dec 22 2009 14:46. Posts 2897

Also lemon I never said ds are a state of mind and I disagree with that. Your state of mind has no bearing on how hands will be dealt that makes it impossible for you to win hand after hand


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