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on the life of a degenerate seeker of +EV

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vltava   United States. Dec 11 2009 15:32. Posts 1742
One particular idiot yesterday chastised me for smoothcalling a raise with pocket aces in a live single-table SNG at Hawaiian Gardens. "NEVER slowplay aces", he declared. He babbled some faulty analysis of the hand, then left the table, as he no longer had any chips. Then he wandered back to berate me some more, and I explained that I was not actually interested in receiving a poker lesson from him. He went on to say "Well, every pro agrees with me," a spectacular claim. Irritated, I told him that couldn't be true, since I did not. He said I must not be a pro because he had never heard of me, but at this point he was satisfied with his trolling, and departed for good. Aside from being an abject douchebag, he also betrayed an inherent lack of understanding of what the word "professional" means.

I play poker for a living. I am not famous. I am not rich. I simply show a net profit when I play poker and it is adequate to cover my living expenses. If I ask what your profession is, whether you answer law clerk, dental hygienist, options trader, or fry cook, would it not be most peculiar if I stated you must be lying about what you do for a living, since I had never heard of you?

I suspect that NO poker pro would categorically say that you must NEVER slowplay pocket aces, although naturally pros at all levels hold varying degrees of opinions on the frequency with which such a play should be employed. If someone is making a living at poker and holds such a belief, I'd really like to have access to the games he or she is playing in.

One of my favorite movies is the awkwardly titled "White Men Can't Jump". Awkward not because the title isn't catchy, but because it's not really about basketball, and it's not about some white/black culture clash. It's about the life of a marginally successful hustler, a guy who is perpetually a fish out of water in the environment in which he's chosen to immerse himself to make a living, and the impact the lack of security and his questionable decision-making skills have on his personal relationships. Like Billy Hoyle, my life is strange, free, exhilarating, heartbreaking and frustrating.

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OpWestAcct   United States. Dec 11 2009 15:36. Posts 640

Looks like me and you are in the same boat buddy. Great blog. And as for the stupid faggot I would have probably just told him to come back after the SNG so ya'll can "talk" poker lessons.

Fuck me 

k2o4   United States. Dec 11 2009 16:13. Posts 4803

Fish are so stupid 

genjix   China. Dec 11 2009 16:34. Posts 2677

lol luv it when live fish give me lessons

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Into Infinity   United States. Dec 11 2009 18:03. Posts 1819

white men cant jump = one of the greatest movies ever made

phexac   United States. Dec 11 2009 19:16. Posts 2563

Phil Hellmuth slowplays Aces all the time so that he can POP'EM ON THE RIVER!!!

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TheView   United States. Dec 12 2009 00:38. Posts 90

my life is like that of Johnny Depp's in the movie Blow.

TheView   United States. Dec 12 2009 00:40. Posts 90

also, you should have asked this guy for his autograph. that probably would have infuriated him

morph1   Sierra Leone. Dec 12 2009 01:45. Posts 2352

nice read gl

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