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How I met your mother

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sk_limx   Canada. Sep 17 2009 15:49. Posts 52
Turning from FPP Pro to Not-FPP Pro at small stakes starting from the second half of this month.

Let's see how it goes for the next 200,000 hands (over a couple of months).

Meanwhile, I have just started watching the comedy series HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

First started with 1 episode with no real expectation but it turns out the show is hilarious and I've watched 10+ episodes in a day.

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Gawuss   Poland. Sep 17 2009 15:53. Posts 2335

the show is really cool, new season is about to come out btw. !

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req   Czech Republic. Sep 17 2009 16:00. Posts 13

Robin is hot as hell.

greenbastard   Sweden. Sep 17 2009 16:06. Posts 178

Yeah that show is legend-

wait for it...

greenbastard   Sweden. Sep 17 2009 16:06. Posts 178


hallizh   Iceland. Sep 17 2009 16:33. Posts 110

Awesome show !

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battsmasta   United States. Sep 17 2009 16:42. Posts 90

I love that show!

Cro)Deadman   Croatia. Sep 17 2009 17:23. Posts 3943

does anyone have a link for watching all episodes online?

Metagame Purposes. 

Exhilarate   United States. Sep 17 2009 18:04. Posts 5453

yeah i saw all 4 seasons. i rather download from torrents for better quality.


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