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ipod touch = fucking awesome

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BalloonFight   United States. Jul 24 2009 05:47. Posts 1380
Splurged and bought one. It's basically giving me a boner atm.

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Bullshit   Canada. Jul 24 2009 05:50. Posts 738

should've gotten an iphone imo the touch is quite useless I got one a while back

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jul 24 2009 07:17. Posts 9566

keep the spoilers up

N3CR0S   Czech Republic. Jul 24 2009 09:00. Posts 279

i've got touch for about 6months and it's really awesome
i didn't want iphone because of battery issues (when you need your cellphone ready and still want to watch movies) so my little old nokia is still with me as well

PanoRaMa   United States. Jul 24 2009 09:10. Posts 1655

i dont have an iphone so i LOVE my ipod touch. I honestly cant go anywhere for an extended period without it because then i feel lonely sad adn vulnerable, seriously. if i have to be out all day at some stupid ass place i take solace in the fact that i have my ipod touch with me with all my games, videos, MUSIC, and of course pictures of naked japanese girls.

but ill be getting an iphone soon so :[ invisible shield yo shit, BEST cover out there (completely transparent thin film that is SUPER durable) 


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