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RIP Arturo Gatti

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Adaptation   Canada. Jul 12 2009 01:05. Posts 132
All time great boxing champ Alexis Arguello died 2 weeks ago and today

RIP Arturo ''Thunder'' Gatti. This man was a monster, for anyone who follows or followed boxing, he had fight of the year 4 times, one of the greatest boxing trilogy's with micky ward, and a great guy as a whole. Tough loss for montreal and new jersey. You can be damn sure he won't be forgotten

Sickest round in boxing, even non fight sport fan watched this and went O-=

PLO hand reading thoughts coming tomorrow(im a big strategy geek).

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sniderstyle   United States. Jul 12 2009 01:16. Posts 2046

much better blog post than your first one!

Genginho: lose today 100 dollar only because of fishs they called and had luck on river 

acdawg712   United States. Jul 12 2009 04:31. Posts 2639

RIP arturo, so sad all these people passing away

phil hellmuth is genuinely a stupid person and he does not understand poker very well at all - [vital]myth 


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