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aspiringAA   Netherlands. Jul 08 2009 06:59. Posts 0
Hello all,

Im not interesting for most players on here to read, but it might help me 'to get my grind back' ...MOTIVATION is very important, I seem to have lost a big part of it, oh well we will see wat happens.

Goals: - get fully motivated, set goals lol
- move up via BRM
- discuss hands more/read more/make blogentries/post more on forums

GL all

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sChOuA   Switzerland. Jul 08 2009 07:39. Posts 2302

--- Nuked ---

Fujikura   United States. Jul 08 2009 08:19. Posts 1795

Those are some good goals. What stakes are you playing, and 6-max or full ring etc? We can go over hands together if we're even close in skill (you are probably better than me though).

aka SouL)Z(Isadie and SouL)P(Fujikura 


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