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Smile :) it helps

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kantoiki   Australia. May 27 2009 08:45. Posts 3818
Friend linked me to this, watch the first video full before watching the second video:

All my thoughts voiced in the second video

Winter is about to hit down-under, going to head up for a week to Mt Hotham for snowboarding which should be awesome.

Oh and LP has been a great place to be for the last week with Rhaegar vs Rekrul turning into Rhaegar and co. vs the world and then some guy begging for help posting up his myspace and loco finding a semi naked picture of the guy posing in underwear (W T F?!)....

To those unfortunate enough to be down in the slumps or stressed out, smile ... it helps ...or don't and keep bringing smiles to everyone else's lives

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muckv - i have an iq of 180 and i want someone to teach me how to take a shit IN the toilet. 

Loco   Canada. May 27 2009 11:43. Posts 20105

dude i would TOTALLY use something like this. it's like they know the story of my life with the blanket slipping and having to get the hands out. i'm not even kidding. it looks like a pagan ritual dress though lolol

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make a violent revolution inevitable. 

exalted   United States. May 27 2009 12:41. Posts 2918

LOL @ loco, too funny

exalted from teamliquid :o 

patmcgroin   Afghanistan. Jun 01 2009 16:11. Posts 830

loco, ur hilarious, let me suck your dick

patmcgroin   Afghanistan. Sep 08 2009 00:44. Posts 830

update your blog dick


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