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Starting to put in some time again

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AcroN   Norway. May 20 2009 18:30. Posts 568
Now that iv got vacation, and i'm done with what little partying for celebrations i did, i have started to play some again. Jumped right back into the 20$ SnGs, but now i'm playing both 6-max turbos and 6-max turbo double or nothings. Pretty much started out like it always does when i start playing poker again, just running like complete and utter trash.

The graph will show you what i mean, it's not many games as i'm not really a SnG player. But take a guess at where i started playing again the other day!

Aiming for 30 SnGs a day like i said earlier, so far iv done alright with the days i'm home. But been spending a lot of time with the girlfriend, so not all days i'm home at all. Hopefully ill manage to weigh up for some of it, by playing twice the amount on some days. But we'll see how it goes!

Wish me luck and a better run at this shit


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SPEWTARD   Peru. May 20 2009 22:12. Posts 4306

wow sick graph, just keep solid play and u will start winnin again

Rise and Shine 


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