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AcroN   Norway. May 15 2009 04:11. Posts 568
Finished my last exam yesterday at 3. So now its officially vacation time!

The last one was another oral exam, so already got the grades today. I did pretty good in this one, scoring a B. Really happy with my performance there. And it weighs up for my shitty draw and performance on the first were i got a D. Now ill have to wait 3-4 weeks until the grades from the 2 written exams come in to see how the rest turned out.

Gonna try starting poker again asap. Probably won't be until Sunday or Sunday though. There's a big "Sensation White Theme Party" tomorrow at the top of the student building in the middle of Kongsberg. There will be a DJ playing all night, some company is coming over with their equipment to hold a light / laser show up there too. Night before 17th is a special party night for us, since 17th of May its like our national day. So gonna be pretty much partying all night!


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eddieL87   Norway. May 15 2009 12:38. Posts 289

not like, infact it is our national day

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