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The weekend and poker

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EXCELED   Canada. Apr 12 2009 22:42. Posts 401
I hope everyone had a great easter weekend and ate way to much lol. My family ended up having a Easter lunch because we were all to busy for a dinner. I definitly ate my face off and brought some left overs back with me to London lol.

Anyways I had a pretty good weekend back home. Friday it was beautiful outside so a bunch of us decided to get a game of road hockey. We got a few people and planned on having a 3 on 3 with 2 goalies but when we got to where we usually play someone was already there and they were using our net which we left there last time we played. No biggie. We asked them if thye wanted to play us and they were down lol. We had some pretty awesome games actually lol. It was a lot of fun but man my legs are dead now. Ever since hockey finished I havent been getting in a lt of cardio and shit. I really need to get back into a workout routine lol. Once schools over thats the plan.

Saturday my family had a little turkey lunch. All I can say is I love stuffing lol. After that my dad and I went to the Toronto FC game vs Dallas. I love going to these games because the fans are hilarious lol. There was a player named Cunningham who used to play for Toronto but he now plays on Dallas. During the game he ran over Torontos goalie and the entire stadium started chanting "T.O REJECT" lol. It was hilarious. They were all over Dallas the whole game and should have won like 4-1 but it ended up in a tie. I love going to these games but man Toronto FC sucks! lol. Im so used to watching the EPL and Champions league games on TV and stuff and the MLS is not even close to the skill level. Still would never turn down tickets to a game though lol.

The game finished up around 6 and I got home by 730. My buddy Ty asked me if I wanted to go out and grab a drink with him and my friend Sabrina. Sabrinas been bugging me to go out and get a drink with her one time when I came home so I decided to tag along. We went to a little bar close to where all of us called M&M's. Nice and cheap pitchers lol. My other buddy Tommy showed up little later too. All of us go to school in a different city or are working full time now so it was nice to get togehter with them and catch up. We all ended up going back to Sabrinas new apartment for some more drinks and Sabrina called over some friends. Her room mate just moved out so she didnt even have a tv lol. We watched some stupid vids on Youtube then decided to play some drinking games. We played Kings and I got fucked over in that game and ended up getting pretty drunk when we were done.

Since there wasnt much to do at Sabrinas and because there is hardly any bars in the city Im from we all decided to go bowling. Thats right... bowling lol. I hadnt been bowling in almost 4 years Im guessing so I thought it would be fun lol. We rented the lanes for an hour and it was like $40... wtf? lol. Anyways we grabbed some more drinks and started playing. I took down both games lol. Who knew I was so good at bowling lol? After that we all called it a night. Pretty good one at that lol. I didnt think I was really that drunk but when I got home I felt so smashed lol. Now that I think of it I drank way more then I thought last night.

I woke up this morning a little bit hurtin so I decided to just watch a movie. I ended up watching the new Fast and the Furious. It was actually pretty lame. The trailer hypes it up way to much lol. I give it a 6/10. After the movie was over I ended up getting a ride back to London with my buddy. When I got back and unpacked all my shit I decided to put in my first session of the weekend.

I origionally wanted to put in 6k hands this weekend but that never happened. I havent played the NL25 games on UB yet so today was the first shot at it. It went very well and I got stuck at a dream table with 3 huge fish sitting pretty deep. I ended the session up just over 2 Buy-ins. Pretty nice way to start off NL25. After that I decided to try out another 6 max tourney because I did really well in the last one I played. This one went very well too and I really thought I was going to final table it but I ended up going out 11th place Made $40 though lol. So on the month im up $300 in tourneys. Not bad.

Heres the cashgames so far.

Cant really complain. Im glad im back at NL25 because NL10 is just a big pain in the ass. Hopefully I can keep it going for the rest of the month, put in lots of hands to get a nice rakeback at the end of the month and maybe take down a tourney as well. That would really make for a great month lol. The goal is 1.5k profits this month so hopefully I can reach it. Might be hard thought with exams and shit come up but who knows.

Anyways Im gonna go blaze with my room mate and wreck him at Halo.

Cheers guys

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