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CandyRush   South Africa. Feb 22 2009 17:31. Posts 36
by my ISP, the chance to FTP rig-lose to J3o. Damn you ISP, in its current state I could have won the GNP of America on that hand!

ISP D/C on FTP with KK in CO 4 GNP of USA.


*****1 votes
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Bejamin1   Canada. Feb 22 2009 17:47. Posts 7042

He had AA IMO.

Sorry dude he Jason Bourned me. -Johnny Drama 

spets1   Australia. Feb 22 2009 17:52. Posts 2156

saved urself money


Ket    United Kingdom. Feb 22 2009 18:19. Posts 8655

5* blog post would read again

terrybunny19240   United States. Feb 22 2009 18:20. Posts 13829

lol'd gdp

k4ir0s   Canada. Feb 22 2009 18:39. Posts 3465

  On February 22 2009 17:19 Ket wrote:
5* blog post would read again

I dont know what a dt drop is. Is it a wrestling move? -Oly 

Funktion   Australia. Feb 22 2009 18:52. Posts 1638

This was a funny post. Nice job.

longple    Sweden. Feb 22 2009 20:16. Posts 4471

I only got disconnected once in 2 years i think.. and i remember that one so badly..

that was in the HU stage of a 180 player 7500$ GTD tourney..

WITH a 3x chiplead like 2 million vs 600k-700k or something

that was a great day...


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