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d.Apollo   United Kingdom. Jan 30 2009 12:27. Posts 741
Right well, I am going to write up my January 09 update now because I am going out soon for the rest of the night and also will be out at football/drinking tomorrow night so won't be playing anymore this month.

My january poker journey has been a weird/long one, I started playing poker again on the 2nd of January with $20 which I had left in my account from my last withdraw.

I grinded out 2/5nl for about a 4days, moved into 10nl and started ok then tilted my ass off as standard, lost half my roll then withdrew the rest which was about $120. I then got staked a day later from Mcturnbull (25/50nlreg), he staked me for $20 and I regrinded up the same way, 4days in 2/5nl and then got into 10nl, ran bad, lost half roll and withdrew again, around the same figures. Such a degen..

I did produce sexy results when I wasn't tilted and playing my best;

A few days later, I started grinding 2nl again and got approached by a 50/100nl reg, Roseeker, who basically said. "Stop fucking withdrawing, I am going to stake you for $200 and you will play 10nl and play for real, we will work on issues that are holding you back" etc.etc. So I got staked half way through the month to play in 10nl. Through 10nl, my winrate was extremely poor compared to what it SHOULD have been because I was dealing with my degen attitude with tilt and really tried to improve myself which I think I have done with help of players such as Silver)Z(, Kwark_UK, Mcturnbull, Roseeker, EscapingR and Artantis trying to tilt me during my grinding lol!

Anyway, I finally finished 10nl

I then moved into 25nl and basically broke even for ages, adjusting to the style again of 25nl after playing 2/5/10nl for long took me a while but having cured my tilting issues and my withdrawing symptons I could deal with the swings and breakeveness which I think is really good which means now I can really concentrate on improving other aspects of my game! I am currently half way through 25nl and feeling more confident because I finally brought past being breakeven/downswinging in 25nl! Sick heater at end ;d

Even though I have been in super low microstakes most of the month, I achieved to hit gold star VIP status which is nice and I am getting back into my old self before I busted out of 50nl (read previous blogs).

My month stats and graph

Cash: +$611.44
Donkaments: +$70 give or take
Bonus: +$50

In total a month profit of around $730 which I am proud of!

Apart from poker, I have been working on my fitness and getting back into football again after a few months break and lack of training, I do weights/workout most nights, have official training once a week and match days being Saturday! So feeling a lot healthier for sure. I am also looking into renting a 3bedroom house with a few mates in the next month or so which could be interesting, hopefully should go down well. I am looking into getting some basic IT jobs, even some retail work to help support me because I am not withdrawing from poker anymore. In gaming aspects, I haven't played any this month really, haven't touched starcraft in months or any CNC game properly, I truely think my pro gaming aspect of my life is over Which is sad because I enjoyed it and made so many great friends through it and travelled to so many different places. Moving on with my life now which is great=)

Hopefully Febuary will bring me a good improving month and see where it takes me! Take careeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

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MayZerG   United Kingdom. Jan 30 2009 13:02. Posts 2123

Nice post,

and btw, your the biggest nit i ever saw .

I like to hold all the nuts - CrownRoyal 

EscapingR   Netherlands. Jan 30 2009 13:16. Posts 2353

nice post indeed, i think its a very good idea to lay out your results and plans like this, helps you focus and keeps track of your goals.

you will make it, no problem

NeillyJQ   United States. Jan 30 2009 15:11. Posts 8947

your doing well, keep it up man

Just remember you need to be god damn sure about their tendencies. -Artanis11 


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