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Fuck My Life

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21drful   United States. Jan 09 2009 12:36. Posts 400
Life hasnt been the best so far. My class schedule sucks a major dick, 8am classes everyday. I put 200 dollars on cake Poker and the software tilted me so hard that i went on to lose it all. Im wating on my self-exclusion to end on FTP (I did it because i was tired of poker so i did 30days). I really think i can get back onto the grind and make some money.

On a side note, I have been talking to this girl Monica, and she is a hottie. We're going on a date tonight which is hopefully going to be awsome. Going to this restaurant called Town, its like 100 bucks a person but its w.e. The thing that has really been fucking around with my brain lately is what i want to do with my future. I know college is where you are supposed to find out what you want to be but, i dont know. Ive always wanted to go into investment banking and now thats in the shitter, so its looking like law school. I decieded to go to NC State and not UNC which looking back is a FUCKING MAJOR MISTAKE.

I want to transfer to UNC but dont feel like starting all fucking over again. But my parents are and especially my sisters are on my ass about going to UNC. BUT fuck, i dont feel like starting over again, making new friends etc. Everyone says making new friends is easy, which is true, but Ive grown accustomed to my life style here so Im just really confused now. But fuck it, im healthy...i guess thats all that really matters anyways. Sorry for the rant and bullshit in this blog...GOD FML

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Fuck the bullshit 

ohsospiffay   . Jan 09 2009 12:41. Posts 45

Try =p free bankrolls as long as you can give ID and haven't registered to site before. They have like $100 free on cake, too bad you deposited lol.

Uptown   . Jan 09 2009 19:08. Posts 3557

meh I met a few guys from NC state when I was at grad school, they were all quality guys.

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