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pokerkid5667   United States. Nov 17 2008 21:07. Posts 6
Everyone knows that in most places gambling is either illeagle or have to be 21 in most states. I am 18 years old and I live in Coeur D'Alene Idaho which is in the pacific Northwest right next to washington state wich 3 days b4 my 18th birthday they upped the age to gamble to 21 and in Idaho cards are illeagle. so if your under 21 and live near me message me i want to get some games started i have so many poker chips its not even funny i can host a 100 person tournament at least and have enough chips and be ok. I play on pokerstars but i would rather play at a poker table. so message me i need people for tournaments lol.

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Chip and a chair you always have a chance 

bane   United States. Nov 17 2008 21:17. Posts 2379

honestly you should expect very little response to this type of thing because you are brand new to the community of poker players and want them all to come to your house????? sounds a bit sketchy nah mean

iop   Sweden. Nov 17 2008 21:21. Posts 4951


  On November 17 2008 19:13 pokerkid5667 wrote:
My Name is Matt Lewis otherwise known on this site as Pokerkid5667 or im on Pokerstars as Sanctakill and if you run into me on xbox live playin gears of war 2 or Call of Duty World At War. I have been playin Poker since I was 13 I am 18 now so i havnt had alot of expirence compared to alot of seasoned players. I remember my first game was with M&Ms and i folded a flush and i loved the game ever since. I live in Coeur D'Alene Idaho. If you live here PLEASE SEND ME MESSAGES i want to get games started cuz i prefer live games rather internet games. I hate that in most places you have to be 21 to gamble or illeagle to evan play cards like it is here in Idaho. but I really want to get some poker tournaments started over here and hopefully if you live hear you will contact me. we need to tell our government to screw off. they shoud not be able to tell us what we cant do with our money that we work are ass off to get. we can buy lottery tickets but we cant play poker?????? I encourage anyone to start poker tournaments were there are no casinos. We make the damn money we do what we want and if you love the game and want to practice with live players so if you ever make it to the WSOP you will be used to playin at a table then in your bed lol or at your desk. and if there already are pokergames were i live tell me so i know lol

Milkman lol i didnt spend half a thousand on a phone so i could play it cool and be all stealth 

bane   United States. Nov 17 2008 21:36. Posts 2379


EXCELED   Canada. Nov 17 2008 22:23. Posts 401

come to quebec canada. book flight now nice and cheap. 18 only to gamboooooooooool

terrybunny19240   United States. Nov 17 2008 22:23. Posts 13829

  On November 17 2008 20:36 bane wrote:

Awesome new poker handle for someone.

....Fuck that.

I'm changing my RL name!

Shenny   Canada. Nov 17 2008 22:36. Posts 1514

  On November 17 2008 21:23 EXCELED wrote:
come to quebec canada. book flight now nice and cheap. 18 only to gamboooooooooool

haha yeah, 15 min drive for me to cross into quebec border, was great when i was 18. same with stripclubs and cheap alcohol

Jubert69   United States. Nov 17 2008 23:35. Posts 3191

Idaho? No you da hoe. Sorry, spur of the moment.

shipbr   . Nov 18 2008 00:08. Posts 140

  On November 17 2008 20:36 bane wrote:


Eights are good 

21drful   United States. Nov 18 2008 02:50. Posts 400

why do you live in idaho....whats there dude besides potatoes

Fuck the bullshit 


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