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SKoT   United States. Nov 17 2008 12:38. Posts 1768
So decided fuck the part time job working for the half-wit trying to exert what little power he has over people. Im ready to poker.

I spent last night getting my $20 up to a hundo using the 10$ double or nothings(super soft btw) and will start back at 50nl today. 50nl was my bread and butter when I played, and probably made 2-3k more off of 50nl than I did off 100nl at my time there.

Heres to running well for a few days

p.s. - I'm interested in a 50nl stake if anyone else is steaking. I can provide Screenshots of PT/PG winnings/stats if needed

One time!

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k2o4   United States. Nov 17 2008 14:42. Posts 4803

Sounds like a neilly run to glory with 2 buyins =)


SKoT   United States. Nov 17 2008 15:03. Posts 1768

heh, I just want to hit the ground running, i plan on staying at 50/maybe some 100nl for a long time

thanks though!

Darki   Peru. Nov 17 2008 16:29. Posts 687

you want to play NL50 with 2 buyins ? good luck with that! actualizado 2013!! 

BalloonFight   United States. Nov 17 2008 18:07. Posts 1380

GL! I hope your next blog isnt "Bustoaments"

Svenman87   United States. Nov 22 2008 02:22. Posts 4636

I'd stake you if I didn't cash out most of my roll to buyout of my apartment.


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