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thinking about quitting

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21drful   United States. Aug 06 2008 00:48. Posts 400
Im really just tried of poker at the moment. I feel like the need for me to play poker is over taking the other important things in my life. I think it has to do with my session the other day, which was a success. Had a conversation with a guy at my HU table, Dr Game Theory, he and I have become good friends and we were just talking about how nitty HU has become on FTP and its just gay, for the lack any articulation.

My goal this summer was to make enough money where I could go out with my friends and have a good time not worry about money. Pretty much be a baller. Going into college I really cant see myself putting in the hours I can now. Meh, I think i just need to get away from poker for a while. I just dont find the enjoyment out of it, that I used to. I used to be a losing player but though this forum and reading Ive been winning a decent amount. Yea, most of this probably is a whine and dumb shit but I really think i need a break

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Jelle   Belgium. Aug 06 2008 01:07. Posts 3379

I also felt bored with poker for the first time about a month and a half ago and immediately stopped playing, I've still played 1 table for an hour once in a while but never played seriously anymore

I'll probably restart eventually when I feel like it.. anyways it's fun to do more other stuff come on in the water's warm

fenner   Australia. Aug 06 2008 01:10. Posts 2188

if you dont enjoy playing then dont play

flounder44   United States. Aug 06 2008 06:16. Posts 916

don't even hesitate and do what you gotta do. What are your goals pokerwise? What are your goals lifewise? Never play poker unless you feel like doing it. Otherwise you'll end up spewing money.

SakiSaki    Sweden. Aug 06 2008 07:27. Posts 9685

HU has become nitty and thats bad? WAT?

what wackass site is this nigga?  


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