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What a looong 2 weeks!

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jkpickett   United States. Jul 31 2008 12:19. Posts 1403
So yeah the last two weeks pretty much blew (No LP 4 Me ) I was banned and had plenty of time to reflect on what a douchebag I was being. I don't really want this post to come off as lame, but oh well.

First thing, sorry Baal for always starting shit with you (again!) and putting you in the spot where you have to ban me. After lurking these last two weeks I understand why Baal is a mod. He is dedicated to keeping a well run forum and although is opinions are somewhat controversial, that doesn't mean he isn't entitled to them. He also does a good job at keeping the lowlifes away (see the "ROFL" thread and the whole Ronk vs. Pigeon Lovers).

Secondly, I saw that I wasn't exactly well liked by LP in my own right (for obv. reasons brought on by myself). I am hardly even known (and have been here for like 2 years). That is solely because I don't bring much to the forums.

So I guess I'm saying that I'd like a new start if that's possible. If I act like a tool in the future then please don't hesitate to point it out to me. I want to be able to bring some positivity to the forum like so many well respected members have brought to my game making me a better player. I could easily start a new screen name and leave my past trolling behind or go to a new forum, but LP is the best forum by miles. Plus I feel pretty bad for being a jerk to Baal and Loco (and even SKoT and Svenman87 in the past).

Most people don't really change and it might be hard to do it without some bumps in the road, but I want to at least try! That is why I am posting all this so it's on the record and I can come back for future reference. Take care guys and thanks for a great poker forum!

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Those who oppose authority so vehemently often abuse it when given immense power 

SKoT   United States. Jul 31 2008 12:54. Posts 1768

Bejamin1   Canada. Jul 31 2008 13:56. Posts 7042

Thanks Skot, I was about to eat lunch you asshole .

Not only that, but I'm wondering if the guy who took that shit went out and bought a lottery ticket. Considering he pooped a lucky 7.

Sorry dude he Jason Bourned me. -Johnny Drama 

jkpickett   United States. Jul 31 2008 14:23. Posts 1403

i don't get it SkoT, but i was actually taking a bite of a sandwich that i then proceeded to wrap back up and save for later.

Those who oppose authority so vehemently often abuse it when given immense power 

Artanis[Xp]   Netherlands. Aug 06 2008 09:34. Posts 4697

Heh, I believed we crashed heads sometime when you were shortstacking NL50 more then half a year ago. Didn't know you were LP back then.
Good luck on future endeavors.


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