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21drful   United States. Jul 01 2008 19:29. Posts 400
June has been a good month for me. I’ve been grinding it up almost everyday, playing ABC poker at NL50. I think I’m well over rolled for NL100 so I'm going to move up starting tomorrow. I can’t wait to go to college in the fall which is going to be awesome. My stocks haven’t been doing that well but I did buy up a lot of Bidu you stock at its 52 week low and sold most of it yesterday which brought me a little bit above break even. As far as poker is I’m up 950 dollars with rakeback which is good for me, especially since I only play one table, can’t do more. Two is pushing it, lol. I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten in the forum via hand lists and low stakes forum. On a side note, I’ve been addicted to Bruce Springsteen the last few weeks. I’ve always been a fan but it’s gotten out of freaking control…well not really but he’s a great fucking artist. Another side note, I saw Obama at a rally in Raleigh, which was amazing I hope he wins. Anyways, I say good day!

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