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Plomerharrr, WSOP

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franchise   United States. Jun 10 2008 04:52. Posts 25
Long time no update, I've been in Vegas for 1 week and wow live poker is so easy. I'm up prob >50k from playing cash games for like 3 hrs each day for 4 days maybe. However, my stakes are struggling and I did not cash in the one event I played so far (5k shootout), however i did stack a well known online player in said tournament within 15 minutes of play, I'll post details if they ever become relevant. He did not know who I was or anything, I showed up to the table in dire shape needless to say, and it was pretty hilarious to see the players' reactions to my play as they all thought I was a huge fish. Case in point, I call EP's raise 7-handed with AJos, three callers, and big name live pro shoves allin with tt from BB. Folds to me where I easily call off his 8k raise with my 27k stack having the table easily covered, ofc I miss and lose the hand but had I won the flip (there was ~4200 dead in the pot and 8k more to me and his hand is so obvious) I would've had a 4:1 chiplead over the entire table 6 handed means I win about 90% of the time and I can't fathom how I'd lose it. Anyway, I build my stack up again only to have name live pro stack me JJ<AA aipf and i tilt-shove my shortstack in drawing dead preflop gg. Whatever donkaments are so gay.

I registered for the 1500 plo event tomorrow for some reason. Recently I have been reading books/studying the game of Plomaha, and I find it facinating. I find it to be the most elegant, beautiful game of poker currently, and the aspect of nonstop gambling fascinates me ( ?). Anyway, I tried playing from 25/50 all the way up to 50/100 deep HU and my results over 10k hands are......I broke fucking even after being up ~50k for most of the time. Today I had a 100k swing online again (god I miss the good old days) where I was stuck ~50k in plo then played a huge fish in LHE to regain all my losses + a couple k. Couple that with my huge 2.5k win in blackjack and I could not complain to the gambling gods even tho i lost some sick pots in plo.

Oh and if you havn't played plo with me, I'm fucking nuts, I bet my friend I'd be allin within the first lap in this tournament (he thinks it'll take at least 2 LOL donks).

Oh i made my first online mortal enemy, Livb112. He is a total psychopath, he messaged me a (literal) 15 page rant on AIM after I declined a rematch for a 5500 HU sng while playing other games when he explicitly told me before he would not play me higher than 2200 because I'm the illest. Meanwhile 3 lines into this dialogue I said and repeated something to the effect of "I dont give a fuck about what you say quit talking to me lame." Anyways, I can only stand someone talking down to me for so long before I went absolutely shizah on this degen pos; Livb if ur out there I'll challange u to HU for life with blunt objects, u fucking faggot, how dare you waste my time with ur incessant rants and HU challanges at lower stakes (L oh fucking L). We're talking about a faggot that refused to play me at the highest stakes SNG when he is the biggest winner ever at SNGs and I have played maybe 100 HS sngs ever. Also he made random derragartory racial type comments which I can only construe as WTFmaterial. Seriously, try me u fucking bitch. At anything. Any time. Ever.
Fuck all haters,
One love,

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skorc   Slovenia. Jun 10 2008 05:01. Posts 200

The numbers you're talking about are so big for me it's fucking ridiculous.

And you're one sick player.

Much love and destroy that Livb112 please and let us know how it went down.

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devon06atX   Canada. Jun 10 2008 05:02. Posts 5407

--- Nuked ---

lachlan   Australia. Jun 10 2008 05:05. Posts 6991

"Livb if ur out there I'll challange u to HU for life with blunt objects, u fucking faggot" hahahah

full ring 

Zhan   Czech Republic. Jun 10 2008 05:59. Posts 152

gr8 blog, gl man with dat plo tournament

Do not mess with the best. O 

AcroN   Norway. Jun 10 2008 07:14. Posts 568

Best of luck to you at WSOP, and keep your blog updated with HU content. Always enjoyable to read from you

ReSpOnSe   United States. Jun 10 2008 07:34. Posts 405

this blog tilts me so hard

ggplz   Sweden. Jun 10 2008 07:45. Posts 16640


if poker is dangerous to them i would rank sports betting as a Kodiak grizzly bear who smells blood after you just threw a javelin into his cub - RaiNKhAN 

shaw67193   United States. Jun 10 2008 13:07. Posts 465

<3 this blog


Highcard   Canada. Jun 25 2008 00:05. Posts 5420

  On June 10 2008 04:05 lachlan wrote:
"Livb if ur out there I'll challange u to HU for life with blunt objects, u fucking faggot" hahahah

LAWLS This blog always delivers

I have learned from poker that being at the table is not a grind, the grind is living and poker is how I pass the time 


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