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FTP FT Omaha HI / Lo freerolling baby!

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alphablend   United States. Mar 26 2008 16:22. Posts 2424
I have never played Omaha Hi / Low, but I managed to FT a 955 man free roll first is a cool $46. I didn't even know the rules of how the low hands worked completely lolol.

COME RAIL ME FridayNites on FTP now gogogo!

I don't even know what the techinical term for it is PLO HI LO?

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redrain0125   Canada. Mar 26 2008 16:27. Posts 5455

omg freerolls... this is epic

alphablend   United States. Mar 26 2008 16:28. Posts 2424


Fayth    Canada. Mar 26 2008 16:53. Posts 10085

i feel sorry for your brokeness

Im not sure what to do tomorrow when I see her, should I shake her hand?? -Floofy 

alphablend   United States. Mar 26 2008 17:04. Posts 2424

not broke, just playing tournies gotta start somewhere. I figured the bottom is a good place.

2Vi3T_B0Y4   Canada. Mar 26 2008 17:07. Posts 927

lololol GLLLLLLL

Nuros   United Kingdom. Mar 26 2008 17:27. Posts 860



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