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? about PS SSNL

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Wicked Yakker   United States. Mar 19 2008 14:38. Posts 24
I know this is a really played out question, but I'll ask anyways. For 100nl on PS, is a win rate of 5PTBB/100 only for the best players on that limit? Or can a good winning player achieve this rather easily? This is what my goal is and I want to know if it's reasonable.

The Rockets' loss last night sucked. They play New Orleans tonight though and we've owned them the last 2 times. The West sucks because if the Rockets lose 3 in a row they go from like #1 to #6. At least the 1st round will be awesome no matter what the matchups are.

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Tycho   Netherlands. Mar 19 2008 14:57. Posts 1553


Poker is fun. 

SKoT   United States. Mar 19 2008 16:18. Posts 1768

5ptbb isnt too bad

Gumster   Sweden. Mar 19 2008 16:46. Posts 2198

i won my bet on the lakers last night, 80$ shipp shipp lol

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tae-g   United States. Mar 19 2008 20:27. Posts 1782

5ptbb/100 is definitely achievable. I dont think thats even close to the best players on the limit.

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cariadon   Estonia. Mar 20 2008 03:35. Posts 4013

set better goals


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