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21drful   United States. Jan 21 2008 16:21. Posts 400
I heard that you could have two computers with Pokertracker on it. Would someone like to let me use theirs? I'll pay them 10 bucks via paypal.

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Fuck the bullshit 

wakeboarrder   United States. Jan 21 2008 16:26. Posts 444

how can someone let you use theres? alls you do is email pokertracker and get a second registration code

21drful   United States. Jan 21 2008 16:27. Posts 400

thats what i mean

Fuck the bullshit 

Gawuss   Poland. Jan 21 2008 16:27. Posts 2335

hmm you write about 10k in a stock market, 15k left in your bank account and you don't have enough money to buy your own PT ?

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21drful   United States. Jan 21 2008 16:28. Posts 400

Im just saying I know a few people that allow others to use the registration codes. Thats all im asking for is a Valide Registartion code that works

Fuck the bullshit 

kimseongchan   United States. Jan 21 2008 16:29. Posts 2089

just wait till PT3 come sout

21drful   United States. Jan 21 2008 16:39. Posts 400

im just saying I dont want to spend 90+ dollars on poker software. I already bought tourneymanager for 40 bucks so buying 55 dollar software just doesnt seem resonable. THus, for 10 bucks i can get a 55 dollar PT2 to supplement tourney manager.

Fuck the bullshit 

Cooperstown   United States. Jan 21 2008 16:47. Posts 457

Or you could not be a cheap ass and stop trying to screw over programmers.

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