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Moloch   United States. Jul 30 2007 20:56. Posts 6144
I played for about 1500 hands, thought I'd be down a lot after losing like a million motherfucking flips, but was only down 1.4k. Played 400~ more hands to get back to +900 and called it quits. Some pissoff hands:

Lost a buyin AK vs QQ bvb of course I lose this, don't think I like flatting this flop either. I either push this turn or check turn and push river, and considering he has little to no experience with me, pushing turn is probably more likely to get called than check turn push river.

As for interesting hands: Ugh, I really have no fucking idea about this one. Really no idea. I thought that if i potted the river, redargoe would be more likely to shove a hand like QQ or JJ trying to push me off twopair or just TP, but obviously KK/TT and 98 are very possible. I dunno, he could also have lower sets but that's so fishy. I don't really know how often he's bluffing here but the pot really isn't that big and he must know that there's not a lot that he can represent. I dunno, I guess I'm okay with the call but I wouldn't be surprised if fold is a little better. This hand is a really interesting one, I'll probably go ahead and post a thread about this one.

Oh yeah, this one was moderately amusing:
Not sure if he was bluffing or value betting.

+900 in 1735 hands, I'll take it.

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MilZo   France. Aug 15 2007 01:29. Posts 1333

Banned? Why?

S1KLYF, this is the profession we chose 


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