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Shrooms. Bad?

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nukka_plz   . Jul 13 2007 13:30. Posts 626
So I ate an eigth of shrooms yesterday and tripped my ass off for about 5 hours, what i need to know is how bad these sons of bitches are for me. I just hear good no bad, am i killin mehself?

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nukka_plz   . Jul 13 2007 13:31. Posts 626

If anyone wants info on the feeling of the trip/taste of the shrooms, just ask.

Op3th   United States. Jul 13 2007 13:34. Posts 565

Tech your food poisoning yourself...thats about it. I guess you could prob die if you continue to eat them...and obv they're not good for you since you see shit etc...but you're not doin yourself any good. and btw shrooms taste like fuckin shit and have something to drink with you..they dry and really dry.

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Syntax   United States. Jul 13 2007 13:57. Posts 4412

what was the trip like,good/bad? alot of open eye visuals?

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Mlaoxve   . Jul 13 2007 14:21. Posts 16

Shrooms aint dangerous, there is no physical damage to you whatsoever.

Mental is a entirely diffrent story howerver, if you take too much you can get mental problems. Mostly nothing permanent, you might be a bit quirky for a while after howerver...

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twotimesopt   United States. Jul 13 2007 16:05. Posts 2393

lol aawesome first post

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Highcard   Canada. Jul 13 2007 16:37. Posts 5422

shrooms + poker = no dice

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Murray   Finland. Jul 13 2007 16:44. Posts 623

depends what shrooms I guess ;o


Fraser   Canada. Jul 13 2007 17:19. Posts 4605

i love shrooms they give me special powers

nukka_plz   . Jul 13 2007 18:00. Posts 626

the trip was amazing btw, very happy, i thought my friend was jesus lol. i was a little lightheaded today but overall ok, i might just trip like 1ce a week or somethin.

nukka_plz   . Jul 13 2007 18:03. Posts 626

and yes rainbows everywhere very fun

Sheitan   Canada. Jul 13 2007 19:41. Posts 4217

Sounds fun, you should try meth now, i heard there are more rainbows involved. But on a more serious note i will definitly look into them.

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