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I finally learned how to play poker

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AntonChan   Canada. Apr 10 2007 22:11. Posts 113
These past few weeks from playing poker again has been a rollercoaster ride. Basically I haven't made any money for a month on 10nl. I couldn't figure it out, until yesterday. Today I tested out my new strategy/way of thinking and after 2k hands (even with a lot of beats) I managed to make 3 buy ins.

The single thing that helped me the most was stoxvideos. After watching it yesterday I finally realized what I was doing wrong. Something else that has helped me was from reading all these poker books. It allowed me to think about the game in the long run rather than immediate profit. I don't make the mistake of betting out 7x the bb with Aces and kings out of position... it's just negative ev. The last thing that I learned, which is the most valuable lesson is aggression. I constantly put pressure on my opponents by raising... I rarely call now... which is what Tom basically kept telling me all this time(though I know that I am making a few mistakes here and there by cbetting into wrong opponents). I know 2k hands is a small sample size, however, after playing these two sessions I can just tell that I'm playing a much more solid game.

Here are some hands where I got beat, and some mistakes I made as well:
Cooler number 1...
I didn't necessarily put him on the straight but I reasoned to myself. Who would call a raise here? Only a guy with a straight... I think this call was justified, however, I may have lost some value by not min raising (or even pushing for that matter)
I actually thought he hit this hand when the king came out... thoughts?
AA vs AA both deepstacked and he hits his flush. Wow
I seriously think I played this hand extremely horribly. I knew I was beat but I couldn't lay it down. The turn bet was horrible as well. I should've checked it and evaluate for the draw... erkk.. I thought to myself. AK beats, me, AJ beats me, no way he's going to play like that w/ AT-. Two pair, etc... I basically make the same mistakes over with my TPTK hands
Another bad play. I had put him on AQ but that shouldn't be justified. His range can be anything. AK would've been more correct. Seeing that he bet 1 into 3 dollars I should've called and hope to hit my boat on the river (or even go unimproved with my two pair vs his... most likely ak holding)
Personally I think this a good fold just because I'm facing two other players and I'm only holding TPTK. With the action that I'm facing I had a feeling that I was beat on the turn... thoughts?
I'm posting this hand because I think I played the turn bad. I was giving him odds to call for a flush draw... thoughts?
I believe I also played this hand terribly. The guy reraised me preflop. I only had a pair of tens. The turn and river bet pretty much gave me enough clues to tell me that the guy isn't bluffing with AK or AQ (and if he did have AK he hit on the river...)

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locoo   Peru. Apr 10 2007 22:26. Posts 4549

What do you mean with negative EV 7x BB on aces or kings?

bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte 

Tur0k   Czech Republic. Apr 11 2007 05:15. Posts 54

Hey I felt the same after watching it and won 3bi too. But now I'm again breakeven

PokerDoc88   Australia. Apr 12 2007 09:35. Posts 3526

after looking at your hh's, i can safely conclude that you suck at poker.


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