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5/10 Quick stab

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THE RISE   Netherlands. Feb 20 2007 11:39. Posts 189
Took a small stab at the game and see how it plays compated to 3/6NL. At 3/6NL people decided to just repop me every hand they played with me which did nothing but increase their varience. I played a few of the regulars heads up - CaptainZeebo, TheCleaner, and these two random fish. Besides TheCleaner, I don't think anyone has even close to an edge over me and I will gladly play them HU. The regulars on this stake seem to play lower varience styles than that of 3/6NL (which is better for my style) - I think 3/6NL is the most aggresive preflop game on PS . I just wanted to get a couple of hands and anylize the play a little. I will do that today, and starting tomorrow I will play longer sessions (3k+)

That is all for now.

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PoorUser    United States. Feb 20 2007 11:50. Posts 7471

thecleaner is very solid
youd do wise to stay away from him if game selection is your thing

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THE RISE   Netherlands. Feb 20 2007 11:53. Posts 189

What's game selection?

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FoolsPlay   Canada. Feb 20 2007 23:27. Posts 1335

talentedtom wouldn't fear thecleaner

if you add tons of macro options and units and keep the old obligations like sending scvs to mine, pros will just focus less on micro which sucks imo -Floofy 

MilZo   France. Apr 12 2007 00:35. Posts 1333

Update this shit yo

S1KLYF, this is the profession we chose 


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