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playing good/running well/rebuys

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Chase Fedina   Canada. Jan 29 2007 23:19. Posts 994
That pretty much sums it up. I started playing the 3 and 5r this week and have been making it deep almost everyday. I busted in 13th of 2500 on sat i think, but no FT's yet. It feels so wierd to play freezeouts now though, being so shortstacked and all.
Anyways, I had to study today so i just played the noon 3r and a couple sng-a-ments. Barely cashed in the 3r and took down a 11$ 27 and a 11$ 45. Good day.

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CrownRoyal   Oman. Jan 30 2007 00:03. Posts 11367

that's the best i ever finished in the 3r too.

13th that is.



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