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Portuguese translator

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Jelle   Belgium. Jul 14 2020 12:35. Posts 3476
**** CLOSED ***

Hi all,

I posted before that I'm trying to make educational apps. I just got so tilted by office life that I'm trying to do anything I can to get back away from it

Anyway, the first app I made is meant to learn the poker rules and that one is seeing some success, which is almost unbelievable to me I'm so happy about it. I started charging $1 to download it on iOS and it's bringing in some pocket change every day. Now that i know there's a need for it, I would feel more comfortable paying someone to translate it into one of the big languages that I don't speak. The most important one is probably Chinese or Portuguese.

I translated it into dutch myself and it took me like 8 hours of straight work, even being intimately familiar with everything and being an expert at english, dutch and understanding poker. I think it would more realistically take 2 days to translate everything for someone else. Given that, I thought it might be fair to offer about $250 for it (am I being too cheap?)

So if any of you want to do it or if you know someone who would want to do it, please set me up! I'm kind of hoping I can get some LP user's 16 year old brazilians/portuguese cousin who knows poker to do it and make them happy.

On android, I'm giving away everything for free because I still have no traction at all, so I think it's better to do whatever I can to get some ratings going.

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tapatapaz   Brasil. Jul 14 2020 18:04. Posts 1279

Heh, this sounds fun. I'd be down - drop me an email at and we can talk further, cheers

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Jelle   Belgium. Jul 14 2020 23:51. Posts 3476



k4ir0s   Canada. Jul 15 2020 08:35. Posts 3472

Are you building a portfolio to move into app development?

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Jelle   Belgium. Jul 19 2020 06:55. Posts 3476

I'm just trying to make viable products that people are willing to spend a few $ on, for myself. I don't think I'll ever end up in a mobile dev job


Jelle   Belgium. Jul 20 2020 05:19. Posts 3476

tapatapaz beasted it already~ ty sir


nosoul   Brasil. Jul 24 2020 01:28. Posts 902

damn! the easiest 250$ ever

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Jelle   Belgium. Aug 24 2020 15:11. Posts 3476

finally after a billion years the update got accepted, let's see if we can get any brazilians or portuguese to bite



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