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Partypoker rakeback

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careface_   Canada. Mar 24 2020 01:23. Posts 788
Is this still a good place to get it? Please specify and write in PM, thanks

Looking to grind a little bit while in isolation 14 days

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VanDerMeyde   Norway. Mar 24 2020 16:05. Posts 5027

Too many east european bots, american/canadian site imo


Defrag   Poland. Mar 24 2020 17:11. Posts 4818

Still got it, hit me at PM or

devon06atX   Canada. Apr 04 2020 01:44. Posts 5432

What's the rakeback offer now? We talked twice about actually opening an account, and I never did.

.... third time is the charm! haha

Writing this to save time between back and forth emails - I believe since I never deposited money, it's best if I just open a new account under a new email and provide it to you? Once created, should I wait until you 'activate' before I deposit, or does it matter?

P1mpdaddy   Austria. Apr 07 2020 17:02. Posts 1370

i second that. please let me know as well.

r0cking your s0x 


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