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Herman Miller vs treadmill desk

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drone666   Brasil. Sep 04 2018 09:48. Posts 1819
hi liquidpoker,

I currently have a Ergohuman but its shit and my neck hurts, I think its asian size and its too small, its the worst chair that I ever had,
it pulls my lower back AND my neck forward like its made for those MIB coffee worms, ridic

I'm more inclined to buy the Herman Miller Embody but I haven't done any research about treadmill desk, so I'm here asking you to do the research for me :D

treadmill desk looks like another hipster crap like those dorks that sit in a yoga ball,
is that correct or is legit ?

Herman Miller embody costs about 1.6k USD here
I dont know how much a treadmill desk costs

which one should I buy ?

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drone666   Brasil. Sep 04 2018 14:27. Posts 1819


Dont listen to anything I say 

Rinny   United States. Sep 04 2018 17:38. Posts 600

I have a ton of health issues from using the computer incorrectly, starcraft, poker, lying in bed with my neck contoured in tons of stupid fucking ways.

This book makes the case for the standing desk, in fact it is a comprehensive system for harm reduction while using the computer. The main argument for the standing desk is that it encourages you to break into mini exercises and movement while you're using it. I won't summarize the whole book but I really recommend it.

I'm currently on day 2 of using a standing desk and yeah it's pretty brutal. It's addicting to slump into a chair and forget about your body and just be in the computer, but as you are now experiencing doing that past your early 20's isn't sustainable. What I'm finding is that since I've taken away option of sitting, I'm pushing through the standing because i'm such a computer junkie I'll put up with a lot of discomfort to continue using the computer.

as far as a treadmill desk goes I would be wary. if you have spent a ton of time sitting it's like your walking mechanics are kind of fucked up, so you could be encouraging yourself to repetitively engage in an unhealthy pattern.

RiKD    United States. Sep 04 2018 21:06. Posts 7948

  On September 04 2018 13:27 drone666 wrote:

Don't ask me. I bought my desk chair at IKEA and it's missing an arm.

RiKD    United States. Sep 04 2018 21:21. Posts 7948

Treadmill desk seems silly though. Just go into nature and have a walk.

Herman Miller chairs are worth it for people playing like 1k NL+ or equivalent in whatever. Online poker is kind of the sweet spot for baller chairs. The chair is such a small % of your bankroll and you are forced to sit at the computer a lot. Going on tilt and buying a Herman Miller is such a classic play.

That doesn't mean it's the right play though.

Get off of your computer and/or sit on the floor and/or go for more walks in nature. That is my final answer.

drone666   Brasil. Sep 05 2018 01:06. Posts 1819

I cant play poker in the nature
I spend 8h+ on poker +2h+ on porn, all sitting

standing up desk seems shit, my shoulder gets pain when I stand for long

Dont listen to anything I say 

RiKD    United States. Sep 05 2018 01:25. Posts 7948

As you are into solely worldly pursuits and you run your own small business treat it as a business decision. I am not the CEO of your company. I am just a pretty shitty chair consultant with a beat up chair from IKEA.

Would you like to do anything about your pornography addiction? I may be able to help in that area.

Rinny   United States. Sep 05 2018 01:47. Posts 600

You'd probably have shoulder pain with the treadmills too then right? Maybe I don't understand nature of your pain. I had Herman Miller at my last tech job and it was the shit. If you wait for the tech bubble to burst you can probably get one cheap haha

Loco   Canada. Sep 05 2018 01:48. Posts 20933

If you have been sitting at your computer for 10 hours a day for quite a while then you're probably in pretty bad shape. Treadmill desks are more demanding than they look like (especially on the joints) and there's no option for you to sit and rest. The solution is to buy a desk riser instead. I posted mine in a thread on here a while ago. It's effortless to switch from standing to sitting. You should also get a standing desk mat, or else your feet will hurt.

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Garfed   Malta. Sep 05 2018 18:12. Posts 4818

had a standing desk, not that good for me, very hard to work with it tbh. Getting a simple training rubbers and stretching/doing some exercise even 15 minutes every 3h is way better.

I have embody, would deff recommend it.

drone666   Brasil. Sep 14 2018 08:44. Posts 1819

I got a great deal and will get to test embody for 30 days for free, then ill decide my destiny after
thanks for the answers, ill consider the desk riser too

Dont listen to anything I say 

drone666   Brasil. Sep 17 2018 10:03. Posts 1819

this chair sucks balls, Im glad im on a trial and didnt pay a cent yet

Dont listen to anything I say 

impact69   Mexico. Sep 17 2018 21:54. Posts 307

Ikea Marcus and Bekant standing desk are great


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