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2 Amazing Hands

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HungarianGOD   . Feb 25 2018 14:55. Posts 459
There were a couple hands recently played that get added to my list of favorite poker hands ever, and I thought some people here would enjoy them. I am fortunate enough to have a peer group of pro poker players who never take themselves seriously, and sometimes some ridiculous situations spawn out of that. Both of these hands were played at perhaps the worst run casino I've ever been at (although with fairly good action), and both involve the same friend. He is on the maniac side, overly loose and aggressive, although people are scared of him and think he is dangerous. Game is $5/10 $2500 max.

Hand 1
Lojack opens to $35, my friend flats on the button, big-blind flats [hole-cards to come at end].

Flop Ac7h4c Initial raiser bets $70, friend calls, big blind folds.
Turn Ac7h4c4s Initial raiser checks, the dealer prematurely deals out the jack of clubs. My friend asks "so if I check the card stays there right", the dealer nods her head, and he snap checks.
River Ac7h4c4sJc Preflop raiser bets $120, my friend raises to $450, guy folds, and pushes his cards towards the muck. Floor is walking nearby, and the guy and one of his friends now choose to grab the floor and ask about the spot. The floor then rules that premature river should never have been there and can't play, so he has the dealer push back the guy his 2 cards, shuffle the Jc back into the deck, and go back to my friend's action on the:

Turn #2 Ac7h4c4s my friend then decides to bet instead (around $110 I think), villain calls.
River #2 Ac7h4c4s2h river goes check-check, preflop raiser flips over AJ while my friend flips over AhTc, and AJ wins.

Hand 2
Different day, different dealer.

Big blind kicks off the hand by looking at his hand and mucking it, thinking he was UTG not realizing that the person to his right was waiting for the button to pass to post. Dealer says he needs to post his $10, guy says it's bullshit he didn't know, he doesn't want to post the $10. In the meantime, first 2 positions fold, and it gets to my friend in middle position who peels the T6o. Friend tells the guy who mucked the big-blind "here man, don't worry, you can play my hand" and ships him his 2 cards. This is even more funny to me because the probability of my friend shipping him a hand that is REMOTELY playable (like even T8o) is 0. Cutoff raises to $30, button calls, and dealer does absolutely nothing as the big blind decides to defend with his newly acquired T6o.

Flop Kh7s8h Initial raiser c-bets, big-blind calls.
Turn Kh7s8h3c Initial raiser c-bets again, and big-blind folds.

I guess the big blind calling and hitting his gutter would have simply been too epic and the poker gods would have been angered, so it wasn't to be.

Hope these were enjoyable. I just love the occasional ridiculousness that happens in live games sometimes.
Cheers LP

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