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Anyone in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto)?

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SemPeR   Canada. May 17 2017 17:21. Posts 2288
Visiting Tokyo June 4th-11th, would be up for meeting some LPers.
Working with a concierge to get a party of 3 into Sushi Saito, but I think they need a foreigner to personally invite. DM if that's a thing you can help with - can pay for the referral (BTC/Paypal if you want - no $s on stars these days).

Life update: Learned some python & GTO stuff for poker, took a vacation to keep improving coding skills, ended up staying in software. Starting a company this year. Haven't fired up a HUD in >2yrs, I play live up to 5/10 for fun.

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Rinny   United States. May 19 2017 03:34. Posts 597

Very cool man, working right now to leave corporate programming and go out on my own. Inspiring stuff.

jeremy5408   United States. May 27 2017 00:33. Posts 122

hey cool update. ive been putting in an hour of data science a day looking to break into that industry (currently a financial analyst). i only play 2/5 live but don't think i'd feel comfortable playing anything higher


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