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Nerdy Paleo Attempt

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KeyleK_uk   United Kingdom. Jul 31 2015 18:24. Posts 1678
Hi LP, last April I moved to Budapest due to cost of living/poker friends/night life, turned out to be a great idea, anyway I don't want to talk about poker much but it's going ok... I would like a 100k score or a 30k month in cash but it hasn't happened for the last couple of years but getting by ok, tournaments on stars cash games on other sites.

Anyway, when I was 17 I noticed that I was around 56kg and wanted to put some weight on so started to take gym super seriously and by the time I was 19 or so I was 70 kg benching something like 80 kg. Of course since then I had some girlfriends and have since drifted back to full on nerd mode from the age of 22 and have dropped back to 57 kg (I'm 5ft 8 and 29 years old now) eating whatever but not alot, smoking a bit too much and in general have felt just more unhealthy for the last year so feel it is time to take control of it before it is too late.

I elected to follow mainly a Paleo diet because aside from all the hype at the moment it seems obviously healthy, I have decided to include milk products because I really don't seem to have any lactose intolerance and I do not eat seafood so I feel there is some milk products I can get Omega 3's etc from (I've heard bad things about capsule Omega 3?). Although I am a somewhat picky eater but definitely see food as fuel so am trying to eat healthy and as much as possible now I am training (just as heavy as I can multi jointed exercises 12 down to 7-8 reps over 3 sets as I hvaent trained for years feels like a good approach for the first 2 weeks or so. I am also adding a large amount of whey protein, due to its ease and cost effectiveness.

My daily diet looks something like this

Frittata (chorizo/onions/peppers/sweet potato/eggs)

Then in my other two meals I've been eating a combination of chicken/turkey/bacon/gammon/salad/carrots/brocolli/bell peppers/cabbage/spinich/corn as there is not a lot more vegetables I really eat. I've also been adding a piece of fruit like a banana/apple daily and a glass of orange juice. I am trying to eat as much of the vegetables as possible but it's hard work .

I've been adding a multi vitamin and finding milk products for my omega 3's.

I've started taking creatine as well mainly because my ex housemate left a kilo here unopened and doesn't want it, and drinking plenty of water. I am snacking on half a dozen or so pistachios a few times a day.

i'm adding about 90 grams of protein through whey daily also, maybe overdoing it here, getting about 90 from whey and 60 from food daily. I have whey with water apart from before bed when I have whey with milk.

On my training days I am simply warming up using a rowing machine and using weights, while I am relatively unfit in general because I do not need to lose weight I am under the impression freeweights are also good for my cv health?

This is just a mismatch of things I've heard and thoughts I had since I was training when I was younger. The problem is when I was younger I obviously just exploded because of my age, also the main reason I am doing this now is for my health with looks/size a secondary factor, although it will help spur me on for sure if I get quick results. I know there is a ton of experts on here and if anyone could give me some advice about anything here.

Thanks in advance for your help LP.


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CamilaPunt   Brasil. Jul 31 2015 20:39. Posts 2379

you should check that out - some people on here post there and there is a ton of good info

Mortensen8   Chad. Jul 31 2015 20:58. Posts 1790

I don't know man cutting out a major foodgroup while trying to gain weight doesn't sound that easy to me. Also doesn't sound like you are eating enough. I just went from 58kg to 73kg in like 5 months by eating 3 big ass meals and this 1k cal smoothie I made while only doing body weight exercises.

When I tried paleo maybe you feel better or whatever but it was hard as fuck to fuel up quickly and I felt hungry. If you can get hold of some really coarse dark bread I think it's fine and you could probably still eat oats or check out stone age bread if you want to stay paleo.

If you are having trouble with all the vegetables just blend them all together with some fruit and water.

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TimDawg    United States. Jul 31 2015 21:42. Posts 10196

paging MR DooMerFD

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Joe   Czech Republic. Jul 31 2015 21:48. Posts 5987

I would recommend 2 books:

Strong Medicine

Primal Blueprint

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KeyleK_uk   United Kingdom. Jul 31 2015 21:53. Posts 1678

Thank you everyone for all the responses so far, even if noone else replies i have plenty to work with

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austrian oak   Belgium. Aug 01 2015 03:57. Posts 503

I was superskinny at 17(exactly 56kg too) and im 5ft 9. Went training alot and got up to 76kg when I was around 19yo. Currently I got a bit drinking/random food fat at 30yo and I weigh 82kg training very but very irregularly. How did you lose 13kg of muscle in 10 years time? Cant be nerdmode because I go athrophy pc chair mode 80% of the time.

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GoTuNk   Chile. Aug 01 2015 04:03. Posts 2860

Squat, bench, deadlift, press, pull ups and abs if you feel like. Learning to do those properly will be both fun and challenging; adding weight on the bar rewarding.
Strength comes first, muscle mass follows.

Eat a "paleo diet", but add a bowl of rice/pasta after workouts. Check the TL thread. If you feel hungry, increase your portions.

Check the TL thread.

Gain mostly lean mass. It is that simple.

KeyleK_uk   United Kingdom. Aug 01 2015 06:10. Posts 1678

  On August 01 2015 02:57 austrian oak wrote:
I was superskinny at 17(exactly 56kg too) and im 5ft 9. Went training alot and got up to 76kg when I was around 19yo. Currently I got a bit drinking/random food fat at 30yo and I weigh 82kg training very but very irregularly. How did you lose 13kg of muscle in 10 years time? Cant be nerdmode because I go athrophy pc chair mode 80% of the time.

I guess very irregular eating must be the main culprit then. 1-2 meals a day for the last 3 years or so. I mean it seems like a lot of weight to lose I agree, although I was like 13% body fat when i was 70kg and am apparantly now like 8% so looks like i lost 6kg of fat and 7 kg of muscle (guerilla math). I guess I've gone athrophy pc chair mode 98.4% of the time, maybe thats enough, I'm not sure.

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Twisted    Netherlands. Aug 01 2015 11:53. Posts 10422

Skimmed it, but skip the orange juice. Stuff is about as bad for you as soda.

edit: unless it's freshly squeezed, then it's ok unless you take more than like.. 1/2 a glass.

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Mariuslol   Norway. Aug 01 2015 16:10. Posts 4742

Food is tricky since we react so differently to it, so it always depends.

But some things I do know, all the different diets, and fads are just a scam, some good parts of course, but it's mostly to further their book, blog, site, brand etc. It's also pure nonsense what they're writing. Some make claims about "What we used to eat as neanderthal's", blabla. All that is a pile of horsecrap.

If you go far enough back, what people ate was what was most common in their climate, up north, they ate a lot of fish, on plains without wild life, a lot of berries, roots etc. Where there was wild life, mostly meat.

All the fruits we have today didn't look like this, same for most plants, now everything is much bigger, colorful, + we even keep throwing away the shapes we don't like lol.

As for questions about milk, juice etc. In recent years A TON of people have started to get bad reactions to fructose, lactose etc. (I'm not smart enough to know exactly why that is).

So maybe a smart thing to do is take some tests, just make sure you're fine with fructose, lactose. Take some blood tests at your doctors, maybe ask to take IGG and IGE tests as well to find intolerances (Not everyone vouches for this, but it's getting more and more common in a lot of countries).

People can have allergies, those are easier to spot, since the reaction is immediate, you puff up, itches, vomit or something right after eating it. Intolerances are harder to spot and stays in the system, malabsorption is when your small intestines don't process either the fructose, lactose or whatever, and it goes straight to the stomach, and causes problems, usually in the form of diharrea, bloating, constipation, and easier to get cramps.

I've read a lot of threads about food, but I try to read more research heavy, or forum discussions. Like if you go back long enough, there was this "big" conspiracy, lobbists were forcing in wheat/corn everywhere, and it was even placed at the bottom of that food pyramid (opposite of where it should be).

I think vegetables, meat, berries, nuts, tea, water, fish, olive oil, coconut oil and stuff like that are pretty amazing for us, and if you want to keep drinking milk, maybe test out Rice milk (it's actually really good and not that expensive).

I didn't react to Milk at all on most of the tests i took, when it was for lactose, or malabsorption, but when I took for intolerances, it was skyhigh, and got told by doctors to stop drinking it right away (even after having been told by like 15 doctors for years it was fine).

Here's a screenshot of one of my blood tests:

Red is bad, need to cut em all out, yellow is in moderation, test in and out, and green is safe.

I asked a lot of questions if it was normal for people struggling a bit to have so much red. Got told it was a bit over normal, usually people would have a few key foods their body didn't like, which would start inflammation, lethargy and such, 3-4 types.

Also most common was dairy and wheat product, these were hard, since you can get really addicted, and your intuition tells you, you love that shit, and it's fine.

I remember one time when I was just randomly browsing, I came across this guy who's had a team of reserachers, studying the area's in the world where people have lived the longest, and focused on what foods they were eating, thought that was kinda interesting. Because it's kinda opposite of the sites/blogs that say "cut out carbs", I think their diet was 65-70% carbs or so, some coffee, tea, wine, a little bit of fish and pork, a lot of vegetables, nuts in between meals n shit like that.

Oh, I can see if I find that, i think it was on bigthink

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Mariuslol   Norway. Aug 01 2015 16:17. Posts 4742

iakim322   United States. Aug 01 2015 19:14. Posts 1335

Didn't read everything, but I'll quickly share my experience with meddling with diets.

I went near full paleo for four months last year. It certainly is healthy but like almost any diet, unnecessarily a little restrictive and does have a few cons. I lost 15 lbs (wasn't even trying to...was just trying to get healthier) simply from refraining from carbs...basically eating sweet potato as my 'carb' before and workouts. But well, if you're someone who's going to work out a good bit at the same time, I've just simply found it overall better to just go ahead and eat carbs to supplement your energy for workouts. Even if it's not a complex carb that they obsess over. As far as dairy, I'm lactose intolerant...and was a dumbass who never really put two and two together to figure this out til later in life...and I agree that dairy as consumed as is in the States is beyond excessive and not healthy...but well, I get organic, lactose free milk. Tastes great and I feel healthy/full after it so I see no reason to take it out of my diet as well as the intermittent cheese and stuff here and there.

Capsule Omega-3...just get any legit fish oil. Nothing wrong with them. Unless it's from like Joe Blow Co. getting their fish oil sourced from some dirty river instead of the actual ocean. You'd have to almost be looking for a shitty one to get stuck with a bad one. Or just eat non-white fish like Salmon often. My daily pills are nature made fish oil, rainbow light vitamin, nature made vitamin D (for workouts).

People can be different here in how they react but well without going too long...universally great to cut all processed foods, cut added sugar, eat plenty of veggies, and limit carbs as you see fit on your body --> all major points of Paleo...all good, general health advice. But you don't have to be restrictive to Paleo. I basically follow those guidelines...mostly lean meat/veggie meals...consume mostly light portions of carbs a 1-3 hours before workouts unlike the never say yes Paleo's...drink organic milk...with cereal too sometimes. One thing I liked about Paleo was discovering grass-fed beef. It took me a couple times to get used to the taste change but now I get grass fed over regular as much as I can (price consideration). A thing I did not like was for a minute...believing those nutballs when they said that 'you sure CAN fill up on just a ton of veggies even if you don't have a lot of meat every meal!' the fuck you can't. That shit's hard. Rather just not be anal 100% of the time about the little bit of carbs that may be on my plate.

Mortensen8   Chad. Aug 01 2015 20:10. Posts 1790

+ Show Spoiler +

I don't know about cereal most is just sugary crap, instead have like yoghurt with oats or muesli.
Grass fed is good omega 3 so lamb is great unless in US where they actually fatten them up with grains before slaughter.

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k4ir0s   Canada. Aug 01 2015 21:13. Posts 3463

This thread makes me think that I should get tested for lactose intolerance. I drink a lot of milk for easy calories, but my stomach always grumbles and sometimes aches after ingesting dairy.

@Marius, are blood tests accurate for finding intolerances?

  On July 31 2015 17:24 KeyleK_uk wrote:
Frittata (chorizo/onions/peppers/sweet potato/eggs)

just googled this, it looks amazing.. learning to make it asap

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iakim322   United States. Aug 02 2015 00:12. Posts 1335

Lol. I didn't mean fruit loops or some shit. Thought that was a given. I only eat cereal. Similar decent choices can be found without breaking the bank

Loco   Canada. Aug 02 2015 10:26. Posts 20443

There is nothing wrong with omega 3 supplementation. Milk is not a health food, so drinking fortified milk to get your omega 3s sounds stupid. Just make sure you get a good brand that has its product 3rd party tested and that meets the amounts of EPA/DHA that they advertise and that they exceed the standards set for purity. Not all of them do, so it's important to find a good company. I use Ascenta because I can see the lab results for the product I have directly on their website, and because they use the triglyceride form rather than the more common ethyl-ester form which has been shown to promote better absorption or bioavailability in many studies. I believe that the TG form is more resistant to oxidation as well.

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Fayth    Canada. Aug 02 2015 18:18. Posts 10085

  On August 01 2015 10:53 Twisted wrote:
Skimmed it, but skip the orange juice. Stuff is about as bad for you as soda.

edit: unless it's freshly squeezed, then it's ok unless you take more than like.. 1/2 a glass.

if you juice it it's totally fine, he's drinking milk though, that is bad

btw Keylek you can eat white rice or white potatoes even though they are not paleo, you can use them for extra calories, white rice doesn't contain anything really except calories but it isn't harmful either
maybe you should try eating some fish for omega 3, unless you're allergic there's no reason not to, lots of food that you initially don't like you'll end up enjoying if you force yourself to eat it for a little while, just spice it up properly (not salt)

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Mortensen8   Chad. Aug 02 2015 18:36. Posts 1790

Nah man milk is fine and an easy way to increase calories that don't make you full. Soured or fermented milk yoghurt or whatever is healthy as fuck.

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