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>be me

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Gnarly   United States. Dec 08 2014 03:50. Posts 1723
>play PLO
>getting coolered every time i have a set, straight, flush, full house, or quads
>im getting coolered multiple times with quads
>just within typing this i get coolered with q flush v k flush

Cooler after cooler after cooler. I'm at the point where I have no idea if I was playing bad or playing good. I sit there, laugh my ass off that I'm about to get coolered again, but still have to play it the same way, and then wham, on the river, there's the cooler. I try to set traps, get coolered. I play and get it in good, get coolered. I even tried getting it in bad, and I still get coolered. (kt high v k9 high) (yes, they called with kt high on the river in PLO)

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dogmeat   Czech Republic. Dec 08 2014 04:10. Posts 6374

dont overcommit w/ quads ldo

ban baal 

Gnarly   United States. Dec 08 2014 04:13. Posts 1723

>not overcommitting with quads EVERY TIME

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NewbSaibot   United States. Dec 08 2014 16:25. Posts 4943

dont think its possible to get coolered in PLO. You're either drawing to the nuts or you're not.

bye now 

Gnarly   United States. Dec 08 2014 17:02. Posts 1723

>only drawing to the nuts or not

Yeah, let's only play the nuts... always fold otherwise, right? How could I have not thought of that? I mean, it's SO obvious, why doesn't EVERYONE ELSE DO THAT? Probably because even drawing to the nuts happens once in a blue moon.

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mnj   United States. Dec 08 2014 23:44. Posts 3848

well at least you're a professional poker player now.


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