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taking a shot -live poker-

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carlosdiaz   Mexico. Nov 09 2014 06:09. Posts 143
blinds @50/100mxn min buy-in 10k
13mxn=1usd so this is like playing 4/8

Session started pretty good for me, my third hand straddle is on, utg limps, I make it 1100 from utg+1 with KK, btn and limper calls, 3 way flop 898r, checks to me I fire 1800 they both fold. Was nice to be able to pickup a hand and show aggression at the beginning of the session, again I felt very comfortable playing this table even tho I'm not rolled as I'd like to play it but there was really no good players as I could see so far the level is equal to a nl200 table, or at least that's how I feel in that game, very small sample tho, the only con this table has is that dealers are damn slooow! but besides that the action is good, there are fishes around, and everyone's at least 100bb deep, rake is ok.

So after a couple of orbits I'm up a bit, the guy on my right was catching some good cards and he was vbetting his hands correctly, he's the only one I would be aware of and being in position was good, after an hour he racks up and leave with a good profit, I hear the table says something about another player coming they call "gringo" (that's how we mexicans call north-americans), so el gringo shows up and to my surprise I recognize him as he's a well known tournament pro, so in my mind I'm like.. wtf is this guy doing here? he buys in for 10k and sits right next to me, just his second hand he gets dealt he opens up to 400 from UTG, guy in late position 3bets to 1400, he quickly 4bets to 2900 *inside my head I'm thinking haha! this motherf*cker probably has air right now* but no, it goes insta shove call, kings over ases gg, he just turns and look at me with a small smile on his face like saying really?? I smiled back like.. yeah.. lmao.

A couple of orbits later we're down to 6handed and I'm thinking about leaving since most of the moneys from the fishes is already off the table, I pick up TT in the btn all limps and I raise to 800, two callers flop comes K73r I cbet and take it down.
One orbit later pro raises over a limper to 600 in the cutoff, I'm on the btn with Ac9c, my first thought was to 3bet and try to take down the pot right there, at this point I know he has the highest PFR from the table and I was confident he was just isolating the fish but then I gave it a 2nd thought and decided I didn't want to play a big pot and probably wouldn't know what to do against a 4-bet plus A9s plays good postflop shorthanded, so I didn't put myself on gay position and just call, even tho I think a raise was good also, blinds folds and limper (lose passive fish) calls. 3way flop J73r one club, fish checks pro tanks 5 secs and checks to me, I'm thinking it's a good spot to rep JX since I've been playing snug my image was good for me to fire flop and was planning on firing turn on any clubs or overcards if heads up, also their range will be very narrow if they go ch call on that dry board so it's easier for me to play the hand this way, I bet 950 into 1950, fish thinks a bit and call, pro acting very casually looking at some college football on tv calls as well (wtf no cbet but calling over?), turn is a Jd, again both check to me and I quickly realize how good that J was, I was giving up on most turns but not on that J, I bet 2100 very confident knowing they almost never have JX and since there are no draws I don't expect them to put the sheriff hat and call me down with middle pair or low pps, both insta folded, I left a couple of hands later, cashed out 15kish.

after 4 sessions
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I'll be on Vegas next week, I'm planning on playing some wsopc low buy-in events @planet hollywood, hopefully get a good score that boosts my roll, also I'll be grinding NL1/3 2/5, if the run good is with me and I'm feeling confident with my game as I am so far I'll try a shot @5/10 but its all castles in the sky right now, I'll try to make a trip report when I come back, if anyone wanna catch up @Vegas just let me know, I'll be from Nov 12-18.

Cheers LP,

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Sleepy311   Vietnam. Nov 09 2014 12:30. Posts 91

Enjoyed this, GL

Bobosaur   Canada. Nov 09 2014 14:15. Posts 30

Good luck, hope you run good in Vegas. Do you grind live daily? And if you do, how long do your sessions go on for?

carlosdiaz   Mexico. Nov 09 2014 16:40. Posts 143

  On November 09 2014 11:30 Sleepy311 wrote:
Enjoyed this, GL

glad to hear, thanks!

  On November 09 2014 13:15 Bobosaur wrote:
Good luck, hope you run good in Vegas. Do you grind live daily? And if you do, how long do your sessions go on for?

No I don't grind daily, I've been logging ~44hrs/month for the past 14 months, an avg. sess for me depends on where I play, if I'm at the US I do longer sessions (6-8hrs) since games there are always running, but here in my town there are no games going on all the time + casino closes @2am and I always get there late. thx for good vibes.

impact69   Mexico. Nov 09 2014 20:44. Posts 307

The "gringo" = Tommy Vedes

gl in Vegas

 Last edit: 09/11/2014 20:44

carlosdiaz   Mexico. Nov 10 2014 15:05. Posts 143

  On November 09 2014 19:44 impact69 wrote:
The "gringo" = Tommy Vedes

gl in Vegas

thx checo


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